Helldivers 2 Reviews: A Turnaround Tale

Helldivers 2 Reviews: A Turnaround Tale

6. May 2024 by Never

The saga of Helldivers 2’s Steam reviews took an unexpected turn as Sony’s mandatory PSN account linking sparked backlash within the gaming community. However, recent developments have shifted the narrative, prompting players to reconsider their negative reviews.

Community Outcry and Review Bombing

Sony’s decision to require PSN account linking for Helldivers 2 on Steam triggered a wave of negative reviews from disgruntled players. This prompted a Reddit post rallying gamers to amend their reviews after Sony reversed its controversial policy.

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The Victory of Community Action

With over 7,800 upvotes, the Reddit post celebrated the community’s success in prompting Sony to backtrack on its mandatory account linking. The call to action urged players to revise their reviews now that the issue has been resolved.

Reflecting the Game’s True Experience

Despite initial review bombing that momentarily surpassed records, Helldivers 2 has proven its merit since its February launch. Players advocate for aligning reviews with the game’s actual quality, comparing it favorably to other titles like Overwatch 2.

Restoring Reputation and Positivity

Players who rarely leave reviews have chimed in to support Helldivers 2’s recovery by posting positive comments. Their efforts highlight a collective desire to showcase the game’s positive aspects and move past the controversy.

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Actionable Steps for Players

Now that Sony has reversed its decision, players are encouraged to update their reviews to reflect the current state of Helldivers 2. This will help restore the game’s reputation and ensure it receives the recognition it deserves on Steam.

The Impact of Community Feedback: Helldivers 2’s Turnaround in Steam Reviews

The turnaround in Helldivers 2’s Steam reviews showcases the power of community feedback in influencing publisher decisions. With players rallying to support the game post-policy reversal, Helldivers 2 can reclaim its rightful place as a positively reviewed title on the platform.