Introducing HEARTSTEEL: League of Legends Patch 13.22 Skins Overview

Introducing HEARTSTEEL: League of Legends Patch 13.22 Skins Overview

27. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

League of Legends is no stranger to introducing exhilarating and themed content that constantly keeps players on their toes. As the anticipation builds around the next big in-game update, Patch 13.22, fans are in for a treat. Following the surge in popularity from their recent musical title, PARANOIA, the virtual band, HEARTSTEEL, is set to debut their in-game appearances. Get ready, summoners, to groove and conquer the Rift with these six stunning skins dedicated to each band member.

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Dance to the HEARTSTEEL Beat in the Rift

As the buzz around the new virtual band inspired by the expansive League of Legends universe continues to grow, players can expect to witness HEARTSTEEL’s grand entrance into the Summoner’s Rift soon. Slated to arrive in two weeks on the live servers, the highlight of Patch 13.22 will undoubtedly be these exclusive in-game cosmetics.

Unveiling the HEARTSTEEL Collection

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Post the release of their debut musical venture, PARANOIA, Riot Games didn’t leave fans waiting for long. They promptly showcased the skins that will be part of the next update cycle. Brace yourselves, summoners, for a visual feast with these six HEARTSTEEL skins:

  • Aphelios HEARTSTEEL

A Surprise in Aphelios’ Splashart

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A notable observation from the ardent fans was the intriguing splashart featuring Aphelios HEARTSTEEL. Alongside the main champion, a revamped version of Alune, Aphelios’ sister, is vividly visible. This representation has fueled the community’s aspirations, with many hoping for Alune’s formal inclusion as a champion in the game. Given Riot Games’ history with characters like Viego and Yone — who were part of the lore before their official debut — this aspiration doesn’t seem far-fetched.

A New Presentation of the Band!

While the community eagerly awaits the release of these skins, it’s essential to recognize the impact and diversity that themed content brings to League of Legends. HEARTSTEEL, with its vibrant and unique representation, is poised to add more depth to the game’s narrative and gameplay experiences. Players should brace themselves for a musical journey in the Rift, as these skins promise not just aesthetics but a whole new dimension of engagement. Don’t miss out; ensure you’re ready for Patch 13.22!