Hearthstone Reveals New Expansion “Perils in Paradise”: Everything You Need to Know

Hearthstone Reveals New Expansion “Perils in Paradise”: Everything You Need to Know

18. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Get ready to embark on a tropical adventure! Hearthstone has just unveiled its latest expansion — Perils in Paradise!

Here’s a comprehensive guide to everything you should know about this exciting new addition to the Hearthstone universe, including details on the Tourist keyword, how to obtain the legendary Marin the Manager minion for free, the release date of Hearthstone Perils in Paradise, and more.

Hearthstone Perils in Paradise Expansion Overview

Prepare yourselves for Hearthstone’s Perils in Paradise expansion, featuring a total of 145 brand-new cards. This expansion introduces the innovative Tourist keyword and offers players Marin the Manager as a legendary minion, obtainable at no cost.

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Hearthstone Tourist Keyword Explained

The highlight of the Perils in Paradise expansion is the introduction of the Tourist keyword. Each Hearthstone class will receive a legendary Tourist card that allows them to “vacation” to another class during deckbuilding. Here’s how it works:

  • Class: Each class will have a designated Tourist card.
  • Tourist Destination: The Tourist card enables players to access the Perils in Paradise cards of another specific class during deck construction.
  • Integration: These cards seamlessly integrate into the deckbuilding interface of the destination class, allowing players to include them as they would their primary class cards.

This innovative mechanic promises to add depth and strategic diversity to deckbuilding in Hearthstone.

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Free Marin the Manager Perils in Paradise Card

As part of the Perils in Paradise expansion launch, players can claim Marin the Manager, a legendary minion, for free. Here’s how to acquire Marin the Manager:

  • Log In: Simply log in to your Hearthstone account.
  • First Pack: Additionally, players can obtain Marin the Manager by opening their first Perils in Paradise card pack after patch 30.6.
  • Treasures: Marin the Manager’s treasures include Golden Kobold, Wondrous Wand, Tolin’s Goblet, and Zarog’s Crown.

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Hearthstone Perils in Paradise Release Date

Mark your calendars! The Perils in Paradise expansion is scheduled to release on July 23, 2024. Players eager to dive into the new content can secure the Perils in Paradise Mega Bundle or regular Perils in Paradise Bundle from the Battle.net shop.

Pre-purchase options are available until the expansion officially launches on July 23. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the tropical wonders and strategic intricacies of Hearthstone’s Perils in Paradise!

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Final Toughts

Stay tuned for more card reveals and updates as we approach the exciting launch of Hearthstone’s Perils in Paradise expansion on July 23, 2024!

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