Hearthstone Masters Tour Fall Championship 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Hearthstone Masters Tour Fall Championship 2023: The Ultimate Guide

25. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Delve into the realm of the Hearthstone Masters Tour Fall Championship 2023 as top players from around the globe come head-to-head in an exhilarating clash of strategy and wit. This year’s championship boasts a grand prize pool of $50,000 USD, setting the stage for an intense battle among the finest.

Event Details

Set to unfurl its cards between October 28th and 29th, this championship promises an action-packed weekend. Be sure to tune into the live broadcasts from 9 a.m. PDT on both days, readily available for fans on Twitch

Format and Competitors


Battle Rules

Come October 28th, players will be grouped into four, with each leveraging the best-of-five conquest format. The stakes? Each player presents four decks, with the twist of banning one of their opponent’s choices. As the dust settles, only half – eight players – will proceed to the nerve-wracking championship Sunday, vying for their share of the $50,000 USD bounty.

The Elite Sixteen

From different corners of the world, 16 champions have emerged:


  • uikyou
  • Mesmile
  • McBanterFace
  • GamerRvg

Asia Pacific

  • CJkaka
  • hemlock
  • 西陵珩
  • Tansoku


  • PocketTrain
  • reqvam
  • Gaby
  • Meati

Point Qualifiers

  • Incurro
  • levik
  • balance
  • Casie

Bonus: Grab Your Hearthstone TITANS Card Packs

For those tuning in via Twitch, there’s an added treat! Viewers stand a chance to unlock up to two TITANS card packs. Although Blizzard remains tight-lipped about the specifics for Twitch drops, history suggests viewers might pocket a card pack after two hours of engagement.

Don’t Miss All the Excitement of this Master Champions

The Hearthstone Masters Tour Fall Championship 2023 isn’t merely about the prize pool. It’s about prestige, strategy, and the undying passion for the game. As these 16 elites clash, fans worldwide are in for a treat. Remember to mark the dates, ensure your Twitch and Battle.net accounts are linked, and immerse yourself in a weekend of unmatched Hearthstone brilliance.