Has Activision changed the rules for Building 21 in Warzone 2 DMZ mode?

Has Activision changed the rules for Building 21 in Warzone 2 DMZ mode?

2. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Apparently, the rules of Building 21 in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode have been quietly changed by Activision. Previously, all players could access this zone, which was rich in loot. However, at the moment, people who have not purchased Modern Warfare 2 do not have access to this area as it is locked.

It can be said that Building 21 was the ideal zone when players wanted to get big loot in the DMZ game mode. However, Building 21 was one of the most dangerous areas in Al Mazrah, as many players looking for supplies would go there. Therefore, the battles that took place in that area were intense.

Building 21, since it arrived in the game in Season 1, has become the ideal place for those who do not want to scour the entire map in search of good loot. For the time being, however, it seems that the basic rules of that area have changed.

DMZ Building 21 is no longer free for all players

As we mentioned, DMZ Building 21 used to work freely, and suddenly it started to work differently. As a result, the zone is no longer accessible to all those players who play the free version of Warzone 2. However, there is no official information in the patch notes or the development blog acknowledging the change of that zone.

A few days ago, on social networks, there have been reports where users communicate with Activision support. In addition, people have been communicating with Activision to understand what is happening now with Building 21.

The first post we saw was from CharlieIntel, where he commented that for people who have not purchased Modern Warfare 2, Building 21 will no longer be an option for those players as that area has been silently updated and is not accessible to everyone.

Others are also looking for answers and have contacted Activision’s player support.

Twitter user “WarzoneTacMap” posted his conversation with Activision support. In that conversation, you can read the confirmation everyone has been waiting for.

An Activision representative confirms that to access Building 21. Additionally, players must have Modern Warfare 2. Otherwise, players will only be able to access the normal DMZ.

However, after the social networks were filled with comments about what was happening with Building 21, Activision made a statement.

Activision comments that Bldg 21 is still free of charge

After a couple of days since it was made public that to access Building 21 of DMZ, it was necessary to have Modern Warfare 2, Activision issued a statement.

The game developers assure all users that the building will remain free for everyone. In the statement published in the official account of Infinity Ward, they say that you can not access that area due to a bug.

Recently, a multiplayer DLC pack has been included in the game that generated this problem. However, the developers assure us that the next update will fix this problem.