Hanwha Life Esports Revamps LoL Roster for 2024 with Peanut and Doran

Hanwha Life Esports Revamps LoL Roster for 2024 with Peanut and Doran

26. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

After a less-than-stellar performance in 2023, Hanwha Life Esports is gearing up for a major resurgence in the 2024 competitive League of Legends scene.

Strategic Acquisitions for 2024

In a significant move, Hanwha Life Esports has signed top talents Peanut and Doran for the 2024 season. These players, known for their prowess in the jungle and top lane, are set to join forces with Zeka, Viper, and Delight — a trio already celebrated in the LCK for their exceptional skills.

The Potential for Domination


With the addition of Peanut and Doran, Hanwha Life Esports now boasts a roster with immense potential. This lineup, blending experience and skill, positions them as strong contenders for the upcoming split titles.

Peanut and Doran’s Journey from Gen.G

Both players come from an eventful stint with Gen.G’s latest superteam, alongside LCK stars like Chovy, Ruler, and Peyz. Despite their successes in the LCK, their journey was marred by early exits at major tournaments, including the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational and consecutive World Championships.

A New Chapter

Joining Hanwha Life Esports marks a fresh start for Peanut and Doran. They bring not only their experience but also a drive to overcome past disappointments.

Viper and Zeka’s Winning Edge


Viper, a 2021 Summoner’s Cup winner, and Zeka, fresh off a Worlds victory with DRX in 2022, add significant big-game experience to the team. Their synergy with Peanut and Doran could prove to be a game-changer in the upcoming season.

Looking Ahead: The 2024 LCK Spring Split

The 2024 LCK Spring Split is expected to kick off this January, where Hanwha Life Esports will debut its new lineup. The team’s revamped roster, combined with its members’ seasoned experience, sets the stage for what could be a remarkable year in the League of Legends competitive arena.

Eyeing a Strong Comeback in Competitive League of Legends

For Hanwha Life Esports, the 2024 season is more than just a competition; it’s an opportunity to redefine their standing in the League of Legends world. The combination of fresh talent and experienced players could be the formula they need to ascend the LCK ranks.