Halo Championship Series Expands Majors in 2024

Halo Championship Series Expands Majors in 2024

24. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Halo Championship Series (HCS) is gearing up for an unprecedented year in 2024, as revealed by 343 Industries, the developer behind Halo Infinite.

The new HCS season, dubbed ‘Year 3’, is set to undergo significant changes, including an increase in the number of Majors, events organized by partner teams, and the highly anticipated first Halo Infinite Major in Europe.

Evolving the Halo Championship Series

  • Increased Number of Majors: This year, the HCS will feature four Major tournaments, a substantial increase from the two held last year. The expansion aligns with the growing popularity and competitive landscape of the Halo esports scene.
  • Team-Organized Majors: Each Major will be hosted by a different partner team, a decision influenced by the positive fan response to last year’s events. This approach aims to diversify the tournament experience and bring unique flavors to each event.

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2024 Major Schedule and Locations

  1. Major 1

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    • Host: OpTic Gaming
    • Location: Arlington
    • Dates: March 15-17
  2. Major 2
    • Host: Quadrant
    • Location: London, UK
    • Dates: May 2024 (specific dates TBD)
  3. Major 3
    • Host: FaZe Clan
    • Location: Atlanta, GA
    • Dates: July 2024 (specific dates TBD)
  4. Major 4
    • Host: Spacestation Gaming
    • Location: Salt Lake City
    • Dates: September 6-8
  • World Championship
    • Location: Seattle
    • Dates: October 4-6

Prize Pool Continuity

The prize pool for 2024 remains robust, with a total of $2 million distributed across the World Championship, the Majors, and online events. This consistency in prize money underscores the commitment to maintaining a high level of competition and reward for participating teams and players.

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A Year of Growth and Excitement for Halo Esports

The expansion of the Halo Championship Series in 2024 marks a significant milestone in the growth of Halo esports. With more Majors, diverse organizing teams, and the introduction of a European Major, the HCS is poised to offer an exciting and varied competitive experience for players and fans alike.