Hades Mobile: A New Era of Dungeon Gaming on Netflix

Hades Mobile: A New Era of Dungeon Gaming on Netflix

14. November 2023 by Never

Hades: The Acclaimed Dungeon Crawler Goes Mobile

Hades, the renowned dungeon crawler game by Supergiant Games, is set to revolutionize mobile gaming in 2024. Poised to be a Netflix exclusive, this marks a significant expansion of gaming options on the streaming platform.

The Netflix Gaming Experience: Hades on iOS

A specific release date is yet to be announced, but anticipation is high for its 2024 debut. iOS device owners with Netflix subscriptions are in for a treat, as they will be the first to experience Hades on mobile.

Customizable Touch Controls: A Game-Changer

A notable feature of Hades’ mobile version is its fully customizable touch controls, tailored for an optimal mobile gaming experience. For those who prefer traditional gaming methods, Bluetooth controller compatibility is a thoughtful inclusion.

Collaboration for Perfection: Supergiant and Secret6

The collaboration between Supergiant and Secret6, a studio with a pedigree of working alongside top gaming companies, promises a polished and immersive mobile gaming experience.

The Android Question: A Focused Release

Currently, plans to launch Hades on Android devices remain off the table, indicating a strategic focus on the iOS platform.

Beyond Hades: The Rise of Hades 2

2024 will also see the early access release of Hades 2, diving into the narrative of the Underworld Princess and her confrontation with the Titan of Time. This sequel, featuring dark magic elements, is set to build on the rich lore established in the original game.

Expanding the Netflix Gaming Portfolio

Netflix’s gaming expansion doesn’t stop with Hades. Titles like Death’s Door and Katana Zero are also slated to join the platform, though release dates remain unannounced.

Hades on Mobile: Netflix’s Pioneering Venture with Supergiant and Secret6

Hades’ arrival on mobile via Netflix represents a significant step in the evolution of mobile gaming. The partnership between Supergiant and Secret6, combined with the exclusive focus on iOS and the addition of new titles to Netflix’s gaming library, sets the stage for an exciting future in mobile gaming.