GUILD, Beckham’s esports club, announces its women’s CS:GO team.

GUILD, Beckham’s esports club, announces its women’s CS:GO team.

10. March 2023 by Andrew Williams

It has taken over the OUTCAST players and will be able to participate in the third season of the ESL Impact Season 3 Europe tournament. During the last week the interest in CS:GO in general has increased due to rumors and leaks about the long-awaited arrival of Source 2 while, on the other hand, esports clubs wait patiently going about their usual business.

For example, taking advantage of the 8M, the GUILD club, of which former footballer David Beckham is co-owner, has announced its entry into women’s CS:GO competitions by creating its own team to be represented in this modality. In order to do so, GUILD has decided to use its bankroll to acquire the services of OUTCAST players, thus guaranteeing its participation in the ESL Impact Season 3 Europe, probably the most important women’s CS:GO tournament in our region.

“Our intention is to compete at the highest level of Counter-Strike and GUILD is the perfect place to achieve this,” said KiKi, the team captain. “With state-of-the-art facilities, high-quality technical staff and a cutting-edge headquarters, GUILD gives us the opportunity to learn and grow as a team in a supportive environment.”

Therefore, the GUILD women’s CS:GO team will be as follows:

  • Anna “Ann4” Laurinoviča
  • Kaia “KiKi” Holmen
  • Marita “Minnie” Siljan Sørensen
  • Thea “pullox” Evensen
  • Linnea “Nea” Claesson

The second major club to enter women’s CS:GO this week.

GUILD’s move makes this a busy week in women’s CS:GO as a couple of days ago another big esports club, G2, announced their entry into this sector as well with G2 OYA with zAAz and Juliano as stars of the team.