Guide to getting the OTs 9 SMG in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4

Guide to getting the OTs 9 SMG in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4

28. April 2023 by miranda angeles

For Veiled Uprising, season 4 of CoD Mobile, a new playable weapon arrives in the game, as usual in each season. So this season will see the arrival of a brand new weapon, which all players can purchase. Of course, we are talking about the OTs 9 SMG, which is a rapid-fire submachine gun that has a small magazine and allows players to have excellent mobility.

Players must know that the OTs 9 SMG is locked in the armory area. It can be said that this new weapon is like all new weapons that come into the game. They are part of the season 4 battle pass. However, this time players can get the OTs 9 SMG free.

Since it is a free item, players can go for the weapon by completing a series of steps without purchasing the battle pass.

Read on to learn how to get the OTs 9 SMG.

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Guide to getting the SMG OTs 9 in Call of Duty Mobile Season 4

As mentioned, players can get the OTs 9 SMG without spending COD Points. However, players must reach level 21 of the new battle pass to get the weapon.

Today we will tell you the easiest way to get the OTs 9 SMG.

The first thing all players must do is start the game on their devices.

Once players are logged in, they should go to the favorite game mode section and start playing to earn XP from the battle pass. We recommend all users to play in the Battle Royale mode, as longer battles earn more XP per game.

But that’s not all; players can focus on completing the daily tasks in the game and all the challenges available in the season. This way, extra XP can be earned. Another option players have to buy XP in the credit store via crates.

Now, the more XP you earn, the battle pass will automatically level up. So you should earn a lot of XP until you finally reach level 21, at which point players have free access to OTs 9 SMG.

Players must know that free items can remain unlocked until level 50 of the battle pass.

Once players already have the new weapon, they can go to the armorer section to use the XP cards to upgrade the OTs 9 SMG. Once they are in the armorer section, players can set the ideal loadout of the weapon.

On the other hand, in addition to the new Season 4 SMG, players will see the new Scorestreak, Shock Wave, which is unlocked at level 14 of the Battle Pass.