Guide to get the new skins of The Boys in Warzone and MW2

Guide to get the new skins of The Boys in Warzone and MW2

13. July 2023 by miranda angeles

A Warzone and MW2 have arrived with some new skins with a lot of style for you to eliminate your enemies. We are talking about the main characters of The Boys, Starlight, Homelander, and Black Noir. The latest CoD collaboration is available; all players can get new skins.

Guide to get the new skins for The Boys in Warzone and MW2

Yesterday, July 12, the MW2 store received the new skins for the main characters of The Boys. Right now, players can get their hands on these skins to go into battle in Warzone and DMZ. In addition, players can experience the game’s new superpower-based upgrades included in Season 4.

Many players have been excited about the inclusion of the Starlight and Homelander skins and want to start using them now. However, many people are hesitant about the Black Noir skin because they fear it may experience similar problems as the Roze skin in 2020. The problem with that skin is that it was difficult to see in some map regions.

Regardless of which skins you want in your collection, we bring you all the details you need to know to get the new CoD skins.

Starlight Skin

The first skin you can get from The Boys is the Starlight Operator skin. The Starlight package includes the following:

  • Finished move x 1
  • Weapon blueprints x 3
  • Weapon sticker x 1
  • Weapon Amulet x 1
  • Charging screen x 1
  • Emblem x 1

This pack can be purchased for 2,400 CoD points, equivalent to $19.99.

To get your hands on the Starlight bundle, you must go to the MW2 store to make the purchase. If you are playing on PS5, you can press R1 three times, taking you to the store. This Starlight bundle should be one of the options you see on the home screen, as it is currently the featured item in the store.


Homelander Skin

The Homelander Operator Pack is currently unavailable in MW2 and Warzone. According to the information revealed by the game developers, this pack will be released in a couple of days, specifically on July 16. This pack will cost 2,400 CoD points and is expected to contain the same cosmetics as the Starlight pack but related to Homelander.

the boys homelander operator mw2 warzone2 1024x576 1

Black Noir Skin

The last skin of The Boys series must also wait a few days to go on sale in the in-game store. According to the information published by Activision, this pack will be released on July 20. This pack will cost 2,400 CoD points, like the other packs of this collaboration. It is also expected to contain the same cosmetic items as the Starlight pack.

At the moment, it is unknown how long each of these packs will be available for sale. On July 16, it may be that the Homelander pack will replace the Starlight pack. Or all the packs of The Boys series will be available simultaneously. However, we recommend that you hurry if you want to get your hands on the Starlight pack, as it is unknown when it will be available in the store.

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