Guide to finding the MK7 in Fortnite

Guide to finding the MK7 in Fortnite

15. June 2023 by miranda angeles

We have good news for all Fortnite players who loved MK7; in chapter 4 of the game, this assault rifle is back.

Today we tell you where to get the MK7 assault rifle and what the game’s developers include in the new features.

Guide to finding the MK7 in Fortnite

Throughout the history of Fortnite, the game has had a lot of strange weapons. However, the community misses some more than others. For example, the basic rifles are what players miss the most: the hunting rifle, the OG bomb, and the MK7. The MK7 arrived in Chapter 3 of Fortnite, and despite being much loved by the public, it quickly disappeared from the game.

Many players believe the game developers pulled the MK7 as it was too powerful to be in the loot box. However, this beloved rifle is back in the game named MK Alpha.

MK Alpha, the new Fortnite weapon

Fortnite developers have silently reactivated the MK; it is important to comment that the patch notes do not contain this weapon. However, it is already in the game; now, Fortnite players can get the MK Alpha assault rifle in the current season.

Where to get the MK Alpha

All players looking for this assault rifle should go to the common treasure spots with minor rarities, for example, crates and the ground. However, there is a location with higher rarity where the weapon has been found. Also, if we consider the nature of the loot, the assault rifle may appear in different areas of the map randomly.

One of the first places players should look for is the lockboxes to get the high-rarity weapon that is the MK7 this season. These boxes are the smaller chests that need a key to open them; they can be found in smaller locations all over the map. It is important to note that this weapon has frequently appeared in these chests over the past few days.

MK7 locations in Fortnite

The MK7, for sure, appears in lock boxes. If the MK7 is like the rest of the limited loot, the probability of finding it in a game is low. However, you can try your luck and visit the following places to get an MK7.

  • Rare Chests

The game developers seem to have reserved the rare chests for DMRs and snipers; however, with so many chests all over the map, you may come across an MK7.

  • Security Chests
  • Lock chests
  • Minor rarity chests

At the moment, these are the locations of the MK7. However, the game developers may expand the locations to get this assault rifle.

Changes in MK7

For this chapter, Fortnite developers have implemented some changes to the MK7 assault rifle. The first thing they have changed has been the name. Now it is called MK Alpha; other than that, the new weapon is very similar to the previous one.

The MK Alpha fires at a slower rate than before. However, it is much more lethal as it inflicts more damage. With this improvement it makes players need less time to kill their enemies.

Undoubtedly, the MK Alpha can be one of the best assault weapons available in Fortnite, so do not hesitate to get such a weapon to achieve victory in matches.