Godlike Esports welcomes Mizo as a content creator

Godlike Esports welcomes Mizo as a content creator

21. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Godlike Esports recently welcomed Mizo, who joins the Indian organization as a content creator.

GodLike Esports, over the years, has made a name for itself in the esports industry; thanks to its outstanding participation in national and international tournaments, it has achieved significant recognition in the competitive scene of various games.

The organization has managed to showcase the talent and skills of athletes in titles such as:

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)
  • Pokemon Unite

Godlike Esports welcomes Mizo as a content creator

The esports organization has long offered gamers a platform to showcase all their skills. But that’s not all; GodLike has recently decided to be a platform for young content creators.

GodLike aims to encourage community interaction, so it has added content creator Mahek “Mizo” Syed to its staff.

Mizo is a streamer who has consolidated a fan base on different platforms. The girl currently has 88.4k subscribers on YouTube; on Instagram, she has 77.9K followers; and on Twitter, she has 15.1K.

She can effectively communicate with different audiences thanks to Mizo’s significant presence on different platforms. Now, the girl being part of GodLike Esports can increase her presence on different platforms.

Godlike Esports announces Mizo as the content creator of the organization

Last May 19, GodLike Esports announced that the young streamer and content creator Mizo joined the organization. Mizo comes to the organization to create interesting and quality content for all GodLike fans.

Comments on Mizo joining GodLike Esports

Recently in a live stream on Instagram, GodLike Esports owner Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude commented on the details of Mizo’s addition to the organization.

According to Kronten, Mizo is a girl committed to her job and has proven to be an excellent worker. On the other hand, Kronten commented that Mizo and Sakshi Shetty are great friends, and thanks to that, Mizo could see what the working environment is like within the organization. Moreover, Sakshi Shetty recently joined GodLike’s staff. Moreover, Kronten assures that all the credit for this signing is Mizo’s.

Right now, all GodLike Esports fans are looking forward to all the content that Mizo can create within the organization, and they are also looking forward to seeing how the content will evolve and develop its potential. It is important to note that Mizo joins the important group of content creators of GodLike Esports.

At the same time, fans of the organization are also wondering if GodLike Esports will incorporate more content creators who excel in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Recall that the Indian government will allow the game to return for a three-month trial.