Global Esports will no longer have teams for PUBG New State and BGMI

Global Esports will no longer have teams for PUBG New State and BGMI

30. March 2023 by miranda angeles

Yesterday, Global Esports announced they would no longer have teams for PUBG New State and BGMI.

After the dissolution of Global Esports’ PUBG New State and BGMI teams, the organization has a huge void of teams for mobile titles.

Global Esports will no longer have teams for PUBG New State and BGMI

The Indian organization, through its social media, has informed its PUBG New State and BGMI teams.

Global Esports states that they are sad to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to their NY State Mobile and BGMI teams. However, they also thank the team’s fans for all the love they have shown to the young athletes in their professional life.

On the other hand, Global Esports comments that they value all the support from their fans and that, thanks to that, the teams have been able to keep their spirits high. In addition, the organization thanks the young people who were part of the team and wishes them a great future in their careers.

It is important to note that Battlegrounds Mobile in India is unavailable from 2022. Therefore, the team has decided not to have a staff at BMGI until the game is available again in the country. However, why the organization has decided to disband the PUBG New State team is unknown.

Global Esports BGMI Team

The Global Esports organization, in March 2022, made the hiring of five young men to be part of their BGMI team. This lineup managed to win the championship titles in different renowned tournaments.

The team’s first major success came when they won the Battlegrounds Mobile Invitational event in its third edition. Then the team achieved the title of champion in the Thug Invitational in its fifth edition.

In addition, the team in other tournaments has managed to be among the best; in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series, in season 1, they came in fourth place.

However, the team quickly achieved another victory in the Masters Series, proving the team was very strong. Unfortunately, in the last tournament they participated in before the game was banned in the country, the team came in tenth place.

Global Esports PUBG New State Team

The Indian organization, earlier this year, recruited five players to be part of its PUBG New State team. The new Global Esports team participated in the Snapdragon Pro Series, where the winners were offered significant cash prizes. However, the team could not perform well and placed fourteenth.