GIANTX Unveils Formidable Female VALORANT Team for 2024 Season

GIANTX Unveils Formidable Female VALORANT Team for 2024 Season

16. February 2024 by Never

The renowned esports team, GIANTX, has revealed its new female VALORANT team for the 2024 season, marking its official entry into the professional female circuit with Game Changers 2024. This Spanish team joins the competition under the banner of the giants, further solidifying GIANTX’s presence in the global esports scene.

Success Story: Mergers and Previous Participation

The Malaga-based team, previously independent and later merged with the British EXCEL, has continued to achieve success in the highest echelons of esports.

Now with the official announcement of their foray into the professional female VALORANT circuit, a new chapter in the club’s history opens. It is worth noting that Giants had previously participated in various female tournaments, demonstrating their commitment to diversity in esports.

Experienced Players

Most of the players on GIANTX already have experience in the highest female VALORANT competition.

Both “Smurfette” and “Ness” shared a trajectory in the Turkish team FUT Female and Guild GC. “Miyori,” also of Turkish origin, comes from NAVI Celestials. “Joliinaa,” a Swedish national, was with Acend, while “Sarah,” British, was part of the prominent international team G2 Gozen over the past year.

Long-Term Commitment to Female Teams

Giants Gaming has been a pioneer in creating female teams in recent years. David Alonso, sports director, expressed the team’s vision by stating that they want to be “an alternative in the medium term that can compete head-to-head with the current giants.” This commitment reflects GIANTX’s aspiration to excel not only as a successful team but also as an egalitarian force in the world of esports.

Defined Roles

The roles within the team have been established as follows:

  • Yağmur Gündüz “Smurfette”: Duelist.
  • Neslişah Demir “Ness”: Sentinel.
  • Tina Agéli “Joliinaa”: Controller.
  • Eylül Sudem Sarıoğlu “Myyori”: Flex.
  • Sarah Ahmed “Sarah”: Flex.
  • Lidia del Moral “Didii”: Sixth player.
  • Antonio Lozano “Aska”: Head coach.

This new female team from GIANTX promises to challenge and make their mark in the competitive world of VALORANT. Get ready to witness their rise in the esports scene!

Game Changers 2024: New Challenges

GIANTX prepares to face a new year in the VALORANT competition with participation in Game Changers 2024: EMEA Stage 1. The first tournament that will showcase the performance of the new quintet will be in the opening match against BBL Queens in just one day.