GiantX’s Remarkable Comeback in the LEC: A Strategic Analysis

GiantX’s Remarkable Comeback in the LEC: A Strategic Analysis

16. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The return of Giants Gaming to the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC), in collaboration with Excel Esports, marks a significant moment in esports history.

This return is not just a physical resurgence but a symbolic revival of a giant in the world of competitive gaming. GiantX’s journey represents a chance to settle past scores in European elite gaming.

A Legacy of Passion and Reminiscence

Giants Gaming, especially the 2015 team led by Isaac Flores “Pepiinero,” holds a special place in the hearts of many fans. The team’s best performance came in 2016 under the guidance of David Alonso “Lozark,” highlighting a journey of short-term reconstruction and strategic brilliance.


The 2016 Era of GiantX: Strategic Reshuffling and Success

In the challenging landscape of the 2016 LEC (then known as the European LCS), Giants Gaming faced significant adversity. The departure of star player Pepiinero required a major team restructure.

The introduction of players like Lennart Warkus “Jaeger” (SmittyJ), Son Seung-ik “S0NSTAR,” and Morgan Granberg “Hustlin” laid the groundwork for a dynamic team transformation.

Strategic Gambles and International Talent

GiantX took bold steps by bringing in new, relatively unknown talents. Nubar Sarafian “Maxlore” from Inspire Esports and Na Gun-woo “NighT” from Ever8 Winners were key additions. This move, combining domestic and international players, was a gamble that paid off significantly.

The Summer of 2016: GiantX’s Rise to Prominence

The summer of 2016 saw GiantX emerge as a formidable force in the LEC. Their collective approach and deep understanding of the game’s dynamics led to impressive results. The team finished sixth with a record of eight wins and ten losses, demonstrating a strong understanding of lane swaps and strategic play.


Challenges and the Fall of the Lane Swap Strategy

Despite their best performance in the LEC, GiantX faced challenges with the lane swap strategy. The tactic, while effective, led to monotonous gameplay and eventually caught the attention of Riot Games.

Changes to turret strength and minion spawn times before the playoffs impacted GiantX’s gameplay, leading to their defeat in the quarterfinals and regional tournament against Unicorns of Love.

GiantX’s Legacy: A Tale of What Could Have Been

GiantX’s journey in the LEC is a story of potential and ‘what ifs.’ Despite their innovative strategies and strong performances, the team fell short of securing a title or a World Championship berth. Their story remains a poignant reminder of the ever-evolving nature of competitive League of Legends.