Ghost’s Retirement from League of Legends Esports: An End of an Era

Ghost’s Retirement from League of Legends Esports: An End of an Era

27. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The world of professional League of Legends (LoL) witnessed the end of an era with the retirement of “Ghost,” the former World Champion and AD Carry for DAMWON Gaming. His departure marks a significant moment in LoL esports, reflecting the ephemeral nature of gaming careers.

Ghost’s Legacy in LoL

While players like Faker, Uzi, and xPeke have become synonymous with LoL’s history, Ghost represents a different kind of legend. His contributions, often overshadowed, were pivotal in DAMWON Gaming’s rise and triumph, particularly in their World Championship victory against Suning.

DWG Ghost 2

A Journey from Obscurity to Glory

  • Early Struggles: Ghost’s career began modestly with CJ Entus in 2015, amidst significant changes in the Korean LoL scene.
  • Rise with DAMWON: Joining DAMWON, he played a key role in their dominance, marked by three LCK titles, a World Championship, and MSI finals appearances.

Why Ghost Matters

Despite not boasting the top stats among ADCs in a league filled with titans like Ruler and Deft, Ghost’s strategic playstyle was crucial for DAMWON. He thrived in a team that defied traditional LCK strategies, focusing more on solo lanes rather than the bot lane.

Underappreciated but Vital

  • Unique Playstyle: Ghost’s ability to perform consistently, even when playing the weak side, was integral to DAMWON’s success.
  • A Steady Force: His resilience and continuous improvement are a testament to his tenacity and skill.


The End of a Chapter

Ghost’s final seasons with NS RedForce were challenging, culminating in his retirement announcement in an interview with Ashley Kang for Korizon. His journey is a reminder of the relentless spirit needed to succeed in professional esports.

Ghost’s Impact on the Game

  • Innovative Play: Ghost was one of the first to play Draven professionally and achieved a pentakill in the MSI final, setting benchmarks in the ADC role.

Conclusion: A Legacy Remembered

Ghost’s career in LoL esports, from his early days to his world championship triumph and final games, stands as a story of perseverance and strategic brilliance. He may have retired, but his legacy in the esports realm will continue to inspire.