Ghost: From Expectation to Reality in DWPlus’ Journey

Ghost: From Expectation to Reality in DWPlus’ Journey

2. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Ghost, a prominent figure in esports, defies the industry’s obsession with fame, choosing instead a path of quiet excellence. This unique approach has defined his career, culminating in a reflective farewell interview with Korizon Esports.

The Early Years: Promise and Reality

Jang Yong-jun “Ghost” began his career with CJ Entus, a top contender in the League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK). Despite high hopes, his journey was marked by fluctuating performances and the team’s eventual decline.


The Scrims vs. Official Matches Conundrum

Ghost’s potential shone in scrimmages, but translating this into official matches proved challenging. This discrepancy led to an early career marked more by unmet expectations than by triumphs.

A Turning Point with SANDBOX Gaming

SANDBOX Gaming, later known as FearX, marked a turning point in Ghost’s career. Here, away from the spotlight, he thrived, earning the nickname “Espíritu Santo” for his quietly impressive play.

The Dplus KIA Era

Ghost’s performance at SANDBOX Gaming led to a move to Dplus KIA. Here, he embraced a supporting role, allowing teammates like Nuguri, Canyon, and ShowMaker to take the limelight. This approach brought both team success and personal satisfaction.

562px SAND Ghost 2019LCK

The Struggle with Expectations

Despite his successes, Ghost’s career was often overshadowed by the weight of expectations. His discreet playstyle often clashed with the esports industry’s focus on notoriety and spectacle.

The Final Act: A Voluntary Fade

Ghost’s decision to step back from the limelight before retirement reflects his career-long preference for subtlety over showmanship. He departs with a clear conscience, having navigated the turbulent waters of esports his way.