Gentle Mates: Rising Competition to Karmine Corp in French Esports Scene

Gentle Mates: Rising Competition to Karmine Corp in French Esports Scene

6. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The French esports scene has witnessed the emergence of a formidable competitor to Karmine Corp, known as Gentle Mates. Founded in December 2023 by prominent figures from the esports and internet world, Gentle Mates has quickly garnered a massive following, rivalling Karmine Corp as one of the most popular teams in the community.

The Rise of French Esports

France boasts one of the largest, most loyal, and powerful esports communities globally, with unwavering support for organizations established in recent years. Traditional powerhouses like Team Vitality and Solary are now joined by up-and-coming phenomena, often born from influencer or streamer influence, commanding stadiums and community events alike.

Enter Karmine Corp

Karmine Corp, led by Kameto, stands out as perhaps the largest esports team in France in terms of fanbase. However, they now face stiff competition from a rising challenger: Gentle Mates.

Founding of Gentle Mates

In December, three influential figures in French esports and internet culture—Brawks, Gotaga, and Squeezie—joined forces to establish Gentle Mates. While relatively new, the team’s modern urban aesthetic and vibrant pink branding have resonated deeply within the French community.

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Gentle Mates Founders. Image via Gentle Mates.

Immediate Success

Gentle Mates wasted no time in making an impact, amassing over a million followers on social media within months and achieving immediate success in esports competitions. Notably, they triumphed in Rocket League, defeating Karmine Corp in the semifinals and clinching the title against G2 Esports.

Challenges and Achievements

While Gentle Mates have made significant strides, they still trail behind Karmine Corp in certain aspects, particularly in League of Legends. Despite this, they have surpassed their rivals in other areas, such as community engagement and merchandise sales.

Expanding Horizons

With a diverse lineup of teams competing across various esports titles, including LoL, VALORANT, Rocket League, TFT, Fortnite, and Age of Empires, Gentle Mates are poised to continue their growth and potentially make a leap to the LEC in the future.



Gentle Mates’ rapid ascent in the French esports scene serves as a testament to the growing influence of influencers-turned-teams and the vibrant community supporting them. As they continue to challenge established powerhouses like Karmine Corp, the future looks bright for Gentle Mates.


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