Genshin Impact: Version 4.6 Leaks

Genshin Impact: Version 4.6 Leaks

13. March 2024 by Never

HoYoverse’s announcement of Arlecchino as a playable character for Genshin Impact’s version 4.6 has stirred excitement among fans, and with it comes a wave of leaks unveiling exciting new content. Here’s a rundown of the version 4.6 leaks:

Arlecchino’s Features

Leaked information includes farmable upgrade materials for the new character, potential splash arts, and details on a new weekly boss and world boss, both offering essential ascension materials.

New 5-Star Promotional Weapon

Leakers have also revealed sketches of the new 5-star promotional weapon and its splash art. This polearm will take on a scythe-like form when wielded by Arlecchino, but maintain its base form when used by other characters.

New Map: Fontaine – Remuria

Excitingly, leaks suggest the introduction of a new map in Fontaine called Remuria. This area will feature exploration both on the surface and underwater, introducing a new enemy type known as “Remuria Golems.” Defeating these enemies will yield Melodious Golden Measures, a crucial ascension material for Arlecchino, requiring 46 units for full ascension.

Spiral Abyss Enemies

Details on version 4.6’s Spiral Abyss enemies include the Mirror Maiden, Pyro Tax Collector, Oni Swordsman – Swift Frost/Lone Wind, Deepwater Dragartos, and more.

New Artifact Sets and Events

Two new artifact sets focusing on attack stats will debut, with one tailored specifically for Arlecchino. Additionally, version 4.6 will introduce a musical event and a rerun of the beloved Windtrace event, a community favorite last seen in version 4.3.