GenOne breaks the contract with all players of the CS:GO team

GenOne breaks the contract with all players of the CS:GO team

4. May 2023 by miranda angeles

A few days ago, the news broke out that the French organization had broken the contract with all their CS:GO team players. 

The French club has decided to dispense with all its first CS:GO team players. From now on, GenOne will focus on its academy and youth team.

GenOne breaks the contract with all players of the CS:GO team

Breaking the news that the French organization would let go of its entire CS:GO squad was GenOne CEO Sébastien “KRL” Perez. KRL has announced that the organization at the moment is in a change of focus strategy. So GenOne has decided to focus all resources on its player academy. But on the other hand, KRL does not leave out the possibility that the organization will have new staff.

GenOne CS:GO Team

GenOne’s CS:GO team during 2022 proved to be one of the strongest teams in the area. Remember that the French team stood out in regional tournaments such as NumberOne Season 3 and La Coupe 3.

Thanks to its good performances in different competitions, the team managed to rank 66th in the world ranking. But that’s not all. The French team closed 2022 as best as possible, winning the WhiteBIT Community Clash. The team took home $175K of the prize pool in that competition.

However, for 2023 the team has not had the same luck as last year. GenOne has also not fared as expected. In the matches played in HLTV, the team only managed to win 6 of the 16 matches in which they participated. On the other hand, in the ESEA Advanced, the French team achieved a 2-3 record.

In other words, it can be said that GenOne has gone downhill during 2023. All the defeats accumulated in the ESEA Advanced against teams like HYDRA and SHIPACHI resulted in the French team dropping out of the world’s top 100 CS:GO, teams.

Despite having former WESG World Finals champion Christophe “SIXER” Xia, the squad has failed to achieve the goals set for 2023. Therefore, it can be said that the start of this year for GenOne has been very tough. As a consequence, the organization has decided to disband the squad.

What is the future of former GenOne players?

At this moment, the future of all the players who were part of the GenOne staff is uncertain. So far, there is no indication of whether the players will continue together searching for a new team.

However, following the news of the players’ departure, Jérémy “jeyN” Nguyen confirmed on his Twitter account that he was leaving his teammates.