Gen.G’s Shocking Upset: The Downfall in Worlds 2023 Quarterfinals

Gen.G’s Shocking Upset: The Downfall in Worlds 2023 Quarterfinals

3. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In an unforeseen twist during the Worlds 2023 quarterfinals, the titan of the LCK, Gen.G, suffered a staggering loss in the second game of their Best of 5 series against Bilibili Gaming (BLG), raising eyebrows across the esports community.

Unraveling Gen.G’s Draft Disaster

Gen.G’s draft strategy left fans and analysts baffled, deviating from the calculated and strategic playstyle that crowned them the LCK champions. Their approach faced criticism, with many calling it one of the weakest drafts in the tournament’s history.

BLG’s Masterclass Performance

Contrasting sharply with their opponent, BLG displayed a high-caliber performance, showcasing their versatility and strategic depth. They brought out a formidable lineup featuring Jarvan IV and Rumble, along with the highly contested picks Orianna and Xayah, setting the stage for a dominant showing.

A Catastrophic Early Game

Within the first four minutes, Xayah secured a double kill, propelling BLG to an early lead with a gold advantage that soared to 3000 before the six-minute mark – a staggering difference seldom seen at this level of play.

The Looming Shadow of MSI

Haunted by the ghosts of their previous 3-0 defeat to BLG at MSI, Gen.G’s gameplay shrunk in comparison. With a 13,000 gold gap by the 23-minute mark, the match seemed less a competition and more a historical low for Gen.G.

Implications for the Worlds 2023 Championship

Should BLG continue their victorious streak, the stage could be set for an all-LPL final in Worlds 2023, with Weibo Gaming already securing their semifinal berth.

Disastrous Result

Whether Gen.G can stage a comeback remains to be seen. The implications of their performance extend beyond this match, potentially signaling a shift in the competitive landscape of League of Legends esports.