Gen.G Defeats BLG to Win MSI 2024 Championship

Gen.G Defeats BLG to Win MSI 2024 Championship

20. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2024 concluded with a thrilling final, as Gen.G triumphed over Bilibili Gaming (BLG) to secure the championship. Held in Chengdu, China, the tournament saw Gen.G claim their first MSI title in front of an electrified crowd.

A Historic Victory for Gen.G

Gen.G emerged victorious in the Grand Final with a 3-1 win against BLG, breaking the recent streak of Chinese dominance in the tournament. This landmark victory marks Gen.G’s first MSI title in their history and a significant achievement for the Korean team.

The Road to the Grand Final

The competition began on May 1, with twelve teams converging in Chengdu for the MSI 2024. After more than two weeks of intense matches, only Gen.G and BLG remained to battle for the title.

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Gen.G’s Path

Gen.G reached the Grand Final after defeating Bilibili Gaming 3-1 in the upper bracket. Their journey showcased their resilience and strategic prowess, positioning them as formidable contenders for the championship.

BLG’s Comeback

BLG, after falling to the lower bracket, managed to overcome T1 in the semifinals, securing a rematch against Gen.G. As the reigning champions of the LPL, BLG aimed to defend their region’s honor in the decisive final.

The Grand Final: A Closer Look

The anticipated showdown between Gen.G and BLG was expected to be a close contest, given the prowess of both teams. However, the series unfolded differently.

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Game 1: Early Leads and Late-Game Dominance

In the opening game, BLG gained an early lead but struggled to maintain it. Gen.G’s Canyon, playing Karthus, and Chovy, on Yone, turned the tide with impressive late-game performances. Gen.G secured a 1-0 lead in 38 minutes after a crucial team fight around the Elder Dragon.

Game 2: A Dominant Performance

Gen.G dominated the second game with Lehends on Blitzcrank, who orchestrated a relentless assault on BLG. Peyz set a new record for the most kills in an MSI or Worlds game, racking up 28 kills. This overwhelming victory put Gen.G up 2-0.

Game 3: BLG’s Response

Facing elimination, BLG rallied in the third game. Despite a hard-fought battle, they managed to secure a win, reducing Gen.G’s lead to 2-1.

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Game 4: A Heart-Pounding Finish

The fourth and final game was a tense 47-minute showdown. Both teams exhibited exceptional skill and strategy, but ultimately, Gen.G clinched the victory, securing the MSI 2024 title with a 3-1 series win.

Breaking the Streak: Gen.G’s Triumph

With this victory, Gen.G ended China’s winning streak at the MSI, asserting their dominance on the international stage. This win also marked Chovy’s first international championship, a milestone in his illustrious career.

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Looking Ahead: Worlds 2024

Gen.G’s triumph at MSI 2024 not only brings them glory but also positions them well for the upcoming Worlds 2024. With this victory, they have secured their spot in the Worlds if they reach the summer playoffs in the LCK.


Gen.G’s win at MSI 2024 is a testament to their hard work and strategic excellence. Fans can look forward to more exciting matches as the team prepares for Worlds 2024. For ongoing updates and detailed match analysis, follow the official League of Legends esports page.