Gekko is VALORANT’s 22nd Agent!

Gekko is VALORANT’s 22nd Agent!

5. March 2023 by Andrew Williams

Gekko, the newest VALORANT agent, will join the fray, bringing the list of agents to a total of 22. VALORANT got released on June 2, 2020 and will get its 22nd Agent, Gekko, in the next days. Before Gekko, the last Agent was called Harbor, now RIOT is going into a very colorful direction.

Gekko has green hair and some new interesting abilities, hailing from America Agent Gekko will be released on the 7th of March, alongside Episode 6 Act 2. Of course everything is already leaked a few days ahead, it wouldn’t be gaming if it wasn’t. Basically just like CS2, haha!

Valorant Agent 22: Gekko

Gekko is said to be an initiator, that means he has skills, that hello the team open up spaces and break defenses or capture space if they are on the defense. Together WIth KAY/O, Breach, Skye and Fade he is the sixth of his kind. Apparently the developers called him “SmokeDancer” before the release, a hint to his abilities.

Joe Killeen, Gekko’s Narrative Writer, had this to say about it, “Deciding what to call Gekko’s abilities was a unique challenge compared to previous Agents. Each ability was also one of Gekko’s buddies, a character in its own right.” What Joe means with this quote becomes more clear further down below. Of course RIOT will release another BattlePass together with the start of Episode 6 Act 2.

Gekko’s abilities

Gekko has a few buddies, as we already heard from Joe, those are actual pets, or creatures, that he uses to his advantage. One of them is called “Wingman” an Owl-like creature that can plant or defuse the Spike! Another of his buddies is Mosh, thrown like a grenade, Mosh has different functions. How viable the Agent will be in Pro matches is debatable right now, but it will be fun to trigger opponents with those little animals.

Take a look at all of his abilities here:

Dizzy (E): Dizzy can fly! It charges up and then flashes opponents in sight. This is done by using plasma rays that have to charge up. After Dizzy is done doing its job she can be picked up again in her ball-form. After a short cooldown she can be used again.
Wingman (Q): Equip Wingman to send him out in search of enemies. The Owl-like creature will stun the first enemy it encounters with sort of an explosion. When he targets a Bomb Site, he can place or disarm the spike. Placement is only possible if Gekko has the spike of course. Just like Dizzy you can pick Wingman up again after the job is done and reuse it, recycling is trendy!
Mosh Pit (C): Equip Mosh and throw it like a nade. In the normal throw mode it spreads green jelly over an area and bubbles damage your opponents. In an “underhand” throw there is an added delay to it.
Thrash (X): The ultimate ability of Gekko is Thrash, a telepathic connection allows you to take control of her. You can scout the map with her and you can trigger an explosion to pin all enemies in an area. Of course, just like the others you can reuse Thrash after she expired, this time up to TWO times!