GamerLegion Replaces 9Pandas in Copenhagen Major: Last-Minute Change Shakes CS2 Scene

GamerLegion Replaces 9Pandas in Copenhagen Major: Last-Minute Change Shakes CS2 Scene

18. March 2024 by Never

In a last-minute twist ahead of its commencement, Counter-Strike’s 2 most prestigious championship experiences a roster change. PGL Esports announced on Saturday that GamerLegion would step in for 9Pandas at the Copenhagen Major. This confirms recent speculations regarding the Russian team encountering difficulties in reaching Denmark.


The first Counter-Strike Major of 2024 is set to kick off on March 17th. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, plays host to this pinnacle event where 24 teams vie for supremacy in the realm of CS2. However, rumors emerged in recent days suggesting that 9Pandas might withdraw from the tournament.

As reported by CodigoEsports, the Russian squad encountered visa issues, preventing their players from even setting foot on Danish soil.

PGL’s Decision

PGL, the organizer of this Major, faced with the predicament, swiftly took action, as officially communicated across social media channels. “All Copenhagen Major teams were required to be in Denmark by March 14th.

Despite extending this deadline on several occasions, 9Pandas could only field 3 eligible players today. Consequently, PGL replaced them with GamerLegion for the tournament,” wrote PGL, confirming the news.

No Impact on Opening Stage Matches

It’s worth noting that this substitution won’t affect the Opening Stage matchups. Consequently, the German squad will face off against AMKAL Esports in the first round of the Swiss format.

GamerLegion Replaces 9Pandas at Copenhagen Major: Catch the Action Starting March 17th on Twitch

In summary, 9Pandas won’t partake in the Copenhagen Major, with GamerLegion stepping in to fill the void. Notably, GamerLegion’s selection stems from their defeat against 9Pandas in the Decider finals of the RMR Europe. The matches kick off on March 17th and can be followed via Twitch.

Preparing for the Copenhagen Major: Ensuring Logistics and Flexibility for Competitive Integrity in CS:GO

As the CS:GO community braces for the Copenhagen Major, it’s crucial for teams to ensure all logistical aspects are meticulously addressed to avoid any last-minute disruptions. Furthermore, tournament organizers must remain agile and responsive to unforeseen challenges to uphold the competitive integrity of the event.