Gaimin Gladiators Overcome Team Liquid in The International 2023

Gaimin Gladiators Overcome Team Liquid in The International 2023

28. October 2023 by Never

The gaming world has been set ablaze as Gaimin Gladiators beat Team Liquid in an intense showdown during The International 2023. Both teams, having a rich history of confrontations throughout the year, faced off in the lower bracket quarter-finals, and once again, Gaimin Gladiators came out on top.

The New “El Clasico” of Gaming

The two giants have clashed four times this year, each encounter as memorable as the last. Dubbed the new “El Clasico”, every time they’ve met in the grand finals, Gaimin Gladiators have emerged as victors. This particular battle, however, had even higher stakes: the loser would be packing their bags, leaving the tournament.

Game-by-Game Breakdown

First Encounter: A Surprise Turnaround

In their opening game, Team Liquid chose Pugna as their first pick, while GG surprised everyone with a last-minute Blood Seeker pick. Despite an early advantage for GG, Team Liquid managed to overturn the tide, mainly post a pivotal moment 27 minutes into the game. The Gaimin Gladiators, caught off guard, succumbed to Team Liquid’s aggressive strategies, giving the latter a crucial win.

Second Showdown: The Power of the Lone Druid

The second match saw a repetition of some hero choices. Notably, GG’s decision to go with Lone Druid, based on Gladiator’s coach’s trust in Ace, became the talk of the tournament. After some back-and-forths and a disastrous siege for Team Liquid, GG’s Lone Druid turned out to be the game-changer, leveling the series to a 1:1 tie.

Final Face-off: Gaimin’s Dominance

For their third and decisive match, Team Liquid leaned on their favored Pugna pick, while GG stuck to their guns with Muerta. From the get-go, Gaimin Gladiators showcased superiority in gameplay. They outplayed, outpaced, and dominated Team Liquid throughout. By the end, it was evident that Team Liquid couldn’t match up, leading to their eventual departure from the tournament.

What’s Next for the Teams?

While Team Liquid will have to be content with their 5-6th place finish and a respectable $101,647 in prize money, Gaimin Gladiators are set to continue their journey in the lower brackets. The world will be watching closely as they play later tonight, Sunday, October 29 at 03:00 CET.

The International 2023 continues to provide exhilarating matches, with teams displaying exceptional talent and strategy. As the Main Event unfolds from October 20-29, 2023, fans are in for a treat with a double-elimination format, promising more heart-stopping moments.