Gaia 2.0 Pack in Valorant: Details, Price, and What We Know

Gaia 2.0 Pack in Valorant: Details, Price, and What We Know

3. October 2023 by madara s

Valorant, the acclaimed shooter from Riot Games, never ceases to amaze its community. The addition of skins and customizable content has always been a strong attraction of the game. In this installment, we will focus on one of the most awaited packs: Gaia 2.0 Pack.

A Look at the Value of Skins in Valorant

Skins in Valorant are not merely cosmetics. They are a statement, a way to show your style and dedication to the game. More than just designs, these skins offer unique animations and finishers, especially when you manage to take down the last opponent on the opposing team. Some of the most popular lines, such as Oni and Magepunk, have had multiple versions due to their immense popularity. Now, it’s Gaia line’s turn.

Recalling the Original Gaia Pack

The first version of the Gaia Pack was inspired by the majesty of nature, specifically tree branches. The weapons included in this collection were the Ghost, Marshall, Guardian, Vandal, and a distinctive hatchet-shaped knife. One of the most characteristic aspects of this line is its finisher, which turns the eliminated opponent into a tree.

What Does the Gaia 2.0 Pack Bring Us?

According to released information and confirmed by Valorant’s official account, the Gaia 2.0 Pack will include the following weapons:

  • Shorty
  • Ares
  • Bucky
  • Phantom
  • Knife

The finishing move, following its predecessor’s lineage, will remain the same. Moreover, maintaining a Riot tradition, the price for this second version stands at 7,100 Valorant Points, approximately 70 euros. It will also be possible to acquire upgrades and variants using radianite or through the free battle pass rewards.

Release Date and Speculations

Although Riot has not confirmed an exact date, sources likeValorleaks” suggest that the Gaia 2.0 Pack could be released this very week alongside a new game version. It’s worth noting that this patch won’t bring major changes to the game’s meta, focusing more on minor adjustments and corrections.

Stay tuned for official updates from Riot and consider saving your Valorant Points if you’re interested in acquiring this pack. The Gaia collection has always stood out for its unique design and connection to nature, so this second version promises to be as impactful as the first.