G2 Triumphs at ESL Dallas: m0NESY and Stewie2K Lead the Charge

G2 Triumphs at ESL Dallas: m0NESY and Stewie2K Lead the Charge

3. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

G2 Esports claimed a stunning victory at the ESL Dallas 2024, defeating the formidable team Vitality 2-1 in a thrilling final. The triumph marked G2’s first Counter-Strike 2 title, fueled by extraordinary performances from m0NESY and the unexpected return of Stewie2K.

G2’s Unlikely Victory

Entering the IEM Dallas 2024 playoffs, few expected G2 Esports to clinch the title. Yet, against all odds, they emerged victorious, defeating Vitality in a high-stakes final. This victory not only broke a title drought for G2 but also showcased the resilience and skill of their roster.


m0NESY’s Dominant Performance

G2’s frontman, m0NESY, delivered an MVP-worthy performance, amassing 83 kills and achieving a 1.61 rating in the grand final. His exceptional play was a cornerstone of G2’s success, earning him widespread acclaim.


Stewie2K’s Impactful Return

The standout story of the tournament was Stewie2K’s return to Counter-Strike. After a period away competing in VALORANT, Stewie2K was brought in last-minute to replace G2’s captain, HooXi. His contribution was pivotal, providing both strategic depth and a morale boost to the team.

I’m back,Stewie declared after the final win. “It’s probably the best feeling ever. I feel like I’ve been through hell for this, I’m very grateful and very thankful, honestly.” While his individual stats might not reflect it, Stewie’s impact on the team was undeniable.

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The Path to Victory

G2’s journey to the title was a testament to their tenacity and skill. Their path included a lower bracket run, overcoming teams like FaZe Clan and 9z, and culminating in a hard-fought final against Vitality.

NiKo’s Reflections

NiKo, a key player for G2, was elated following the win. “This has been one of the most intense games I’ve played this season. Overtimes the first two maps, coming back on the T side, the pressure… it doesn’t matter in the end, we have lifted the trophy,” he said.


Key Matches and Highlights

  1. Lower Bracket Triumph:
    • Overcame FaZe Clan: A significant win against a perennial CS2 powerhouse.
    • Defeated 9z: Navigated past a surprise contender to advance.
  2. Grand Final Performance:
    • Tense Overtimes: The first two maps went into overtime, showcasing G2’s resilience.
    • Dominant Nuke CT Side: A nearly flawless performance that sealed their victory.

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Stewie2K’s Future

The grand final win was particularly special for Stewie2K, who last lifted a Counter-Strike trophy with Team Liquid at IEM Chicago almost five years ago. His return to the top tier of CS2 has revitalized his career, and his performance in Dallas suggests he still has much to offer the competitive scene.

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Looking Ahead

G2 Esports is set to compete at the BLAST Premier Spring Final in London, with their in-game leader HooXi returning to the helm. Meanwhile, Stewie2K’s future remains uncertain, but with an IEM Dallas medal now on his resume, it’s unlikely he will remain without a team for long.

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