G2 Gozen Triumphs Over Team Liquid in VCT Game Changers Opener

G2 Gozen Triumphs Over Team Liquid in VCT Game Changers Opener

29. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The VCT Game Changers, the premier global event for women’s Valorant, kicked off with an electrifying start as G2 Gozen claimed a decisive victory over Team Liquid.

The Battle for the Trophy


This year’s tournament, the second edition, sees eight of the world’s top teams vying for the coveted trophy. The competition marks the culmination of 2023’s competitive scene, featuring teams that have established a solid reputation over the year.

Match Highlights: TL vs G2

Round 1: Sunset Showdown

  • Map Chosen: Sunset, selected by G2 Gozen.
  • Performance: G2 Gozen showcased their tactical prowess, led by Daiki as the IGL (In-Game Leader), securing a 7-5 lead.
  • Overtime Thriller: The match escalated into an intense overtime where Mimi’s pivotal plays clinched a 14-12 victory for G2.

Round 2: Lotus Struggle

  • Equal Footing: The match on Lotus was evenly matched, with both teams at a 6-6 tie in the early rounds.
  • G2’s Aggressive Play: G2 Gozen ramped up their aggression post-half, with Mimi’s exceptional skills enabling her team to pull off surprising moves, culminating in a 13-7 win.

G2’s Path to Glory

This 2-0 win propels the reigning world champions further in the upper bracket, overcoming the local favorites. This match was a much-anticipated rematch from last year’s Champions, setting a high bar for the upcoming fixtures in the tournament.

Don´t Miss The Action!

G2 Gozen’s performance against Team Liquid has set a remarkable precedent for the VCT Game Changers. As the tournament progresses, it will be intriguing to see how other teams adapt and compete for the ultimate prize in this pinnacle of women’s Valorant esports.