G2 Esports introduces its women’s Rocket League team

G2 Esports introduces its women’s Rocket League team

1. June 2023 by miranda angeles

G2 Esports has recently unveiled “G2 LUNA,” their women’s Rocket League team.

G2 LUNA is G2’s new team representing them in the women’s Rocket League competitive scene. This team joins the organization’s group of female teams; G2 currently has female representation in VALORANT, League of Legends, CS:GO, and Rocket League.

G2 LUNA women’s team in Rocket League

G2 Esports hopes to compete at the top level of Rocket League in the North American women’s competitive scene with its new G2 LUNA team.

The esports organization has signed three great players with much experience in this video game. G2 expects them to become a very competitive team in the region quickly.

G2 and other organizations have stated that they want to develop great teams for different esports regardless of gender. At the same time, G2 has stated that esports should be solely skill-based; so, with a new all-female team in the organization, it shows that they are betting on diversity in esports.

G2 LUNA Staff

The G2 Esports organization has already officially introduced the athletes wearing the team’s jersey in the upcoming Rocket League competitions.

Gio “Avenger” Sy, this girl was a member of the Flashes of Brilliance women’s team in 2021. The following year, Avenger left the world of competitions and the team. It is important to note that Avenger has many years of experience in this esports, so she can greatly help her new team G2 LUNA.

Another team member is Jamie “Karma” Bickford, who, despite having some time away from tournaments This girl has had a long career and has been in the squad of different teams with which she has won several tournaments. Karma has a wide experience as a player but has also been an analyst and commentator in different European RLCS tournaments.

Last, but not least, Carlee “KIAA” Eichhorst is the third player of G2 LUNA. KIAA and Avenger represented Canada at the Commonwealth Games esports championship. It is important to note that KIAA also has enough experience in the game, which will be very useful for the team.

The female competitive scene in Rocket League

As mentioned, many organizations are betting on creating a more inclusive esports ecosystem. Teams like Endpoint CeX, Gen.G, and Williams Resolve have incorporated female teams into their organizations. Undoubtedly, more and more organizations, including female squads, are a big step forward for Rocket League and esports in general.

Currently, women are allowed to compete in the RLCS; however, having many women’s teams expands women’s esports.

With this new Rocket League women’s team, it is hoped that many other organizations will follow in the footsteps of G2 Esports, and more women’s teams will be established.