G2 Esports confirm its favorite tag and eliminates Movistar Riders

G2 Esports confirm its favorite tag and eliminates Movistar Riders

22. March 2023 by miranda angeles

After a great battle yesterday, G2 Esports proved why they are the tournament favorites and eliminated Movistar Riders.

Movistar Riders’ participation in the ESL Pro League 17 has ended; after suffering a 2-0 defeat against G2 Esports. Although the Spanish team showed a great level in the initial map (Vertigo), they could not achieve victory. Once again, their weak CT was evidenced, allowing their rival team to take the victory of the first map.

For the second map (Inferno), G2 Esports showed why they are in the number 1 position of the tournament and secured their pass to the next round of playoffs.

However, despite the Riders’ loss, their performance in the League was very impressive, given their form.

Now G2 Esports, the team that made it to the next round, must face ENCE.

Match summary

Yesterday G2 had a fantastic start in Vertigo; however, not everything was easy, as the Riders reacted quickly and took a small lead of 7-8.

Although Pere “sausol” Solsona Saumell and Antonio “Martinez” Martinez Sanchez were the offensive team leaders, it was not enough to complete a victory. In addition, the Riders’ biggest weakness, defense, came to the fore.

On the contrary, the G2 players proved to be the best, winning eight rounds in a row, and finally, the map ended with a 16-10 G2 victory.

The second map for the Spanish players was no fun at all. However, the G2 players were able to make some very successful attacks, managing to affect the economy of the Riders strongly.

Nevertheless, the Spaniards reached the break with a little hope as G2’s advantage was not very big; the game at that moment was 10-5.

However, these hopes were ended after the resounding victory of G2. Now the best team in the tournament will be looking to win their next game and earn a spot in the quarterfinals.

Riders say goodbye to the League

The Spanish team tried to avoid surprises by winning the first five rounds on the defensive side. However, this was insufficient as G2 showed superiority, winning 16-6. Consequently, the Riders must say goodbye to the ESL Pro League 17.

It was a success for the Spanish team to get out of the group stage; the team’s fans were very happy about that. However, for the Riders players, it was a great learning experience to face G2.

After the match, Alejandro “mopoz” Fernandez of the Riders gave an interview, confirming that his team was unprepared for this confrontation.