Free Games Available on Prime Gaming

Free Games Available on Prime Gaming

25. March 2024 by Never

Prime Gaming constantly delivers rewards and benefits to its users across various games. In this article, we’ll delve into the free games available on Prime Gaming for platform subscribers and the deadlines for downloading them so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Mystery Case Files: Moths to a Flame – Available until April 17

Embark on an adventure-filled journey through hidden object puzzles as a detective. Solve intricate mysteries in Mystery Case Files: Moths to a Flame, available for free until April 17.

Uncover a web of deceit as a seemingly simple mission leads you to the Zenith Museum of Oddities. What was supposed to be an open-and-shut case quickly evolves into a tangled mess of deception.

Someone knows all about your past and has prepared a special tribute to your most significant cases. But what does this maniac want, and what fate awaits the innocents who stand in their way?

Gravitar: Recharged – Free until April 3

In Gravitar: Recharged, navigate through an abstract universe of unknown planets and space stations guarded by mysterious and hostile aliens. As a lone pilot, complete missions in each solar system and explore challenging environments, each with varying levels of gravity to test your piloting skills.

Will you ever make it home? The visual aesthetic of Gravitar: Recharged takes the Recharged series in a new direction, with expansive environments depicted in a pictorial style and pastel tones. The original soundtrack, composed by industry veteran Megan McDuffee, complements the artistic style with relaxing and atmospheric themes that evoke a sense of wonder.

SCARF – Free until April 10

Embark on an atmospheric and emotional journey exploring the essence of heroism in SCARF. This adventure game combines puzzles and 3D platforming elements as you explore beautifully crafted worlds and discover your true destiny with the help of a dragon-shaped scarf.

Other Free Games Available:

  • Pearls of Atlantis: The Cove – Free until April 24
  • Fallout 2 – Free until April 10
  • Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel – Free until April 24

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