Free Fire’s Exciting New Week: Missions, Skins, and Abundant Rewards

Free Fire’s Exciting New Week: Missions, Skins, and Abundant Rewards

18. January 2024 by Never

Free Fire enthusiasts, gear up for an exhilarating week ahead! The game enters its second week of the year with fresh and engaging missions set in the thrilling landscape of Bermuda.

Action-Packed Days

Festive Cut Mission

  • Duration: January 13-14
  • Objective: Achieve 6 Booyahs
  • Rewards: 5 Free Fire tokens, 5 Lotus Empress weapon crates, and the Dark Reaper Blade

The Party Never Ends Mission

  • Duration: January 13-18
  • Daily Reward: MP40 Jester Nocturne weapon crate for playing a match each day

Special Weapon Returns and New Skins

Thompson – Colossal Explosion

  • Availability: January 13 – February 4
  • How to Obtain: Magic Roulette

New Skin: Wandering Feline

  • Availability: January 12-21
  • How to Obtain: Token Roulette

Rewards and Heroic Adventures Await

With these activities, players have ample opportunities to add special rewards to their inventory. Furthermore, the journey to achieve the Heroic rank this season is on, challenging the finest players to rise to the top in Free Fire.

New Adventures in Bermuda: A Week Full of Action

This week in Free Fire promises an array of engaging activities, from challenging missions to exciting new skins. These updates are set to enhance your gaming experience, offering ample opportunities to earn rewards and elevate your play. Don’t miss out on the action and the chance to enrich your Free Fire arsenal!