Free Fire World Series 2024: Major Changes and the Introduction of the SEA League

Free Fire World Series 2024: Major Changes and the Introduction of the SEA League

16. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Garena, the powerhouse behind the popular mobile battle royale game Free Fire, has announced transformative changes to its premier esports event, the Free Fire World Series (FFWS), starting in 2024. These changes include the introduction of the FFWS Southeast Asia (SEA) League and the unification of all local Free Fire leagues under the FFWS brand.

Unification Under the FFWS Brand

Previously, local Free Fire leagues like the Brazilian Free Fire League and the Free Fire Master League Indonesia operated independently. The new initiative aims to standardize and streamline the esports landscape under a single, cohesive FFWS brand, fostering growth in the sector.

The FFWS SEA League: A New Chapter

Structure and Format

  • Divisions: Two main tournaments – FFWS SEA Spring and Fall.
  • Spring Edition: Scheduled from March 22 to May 26, with a prize pool of $300,000.
  • Competition Format: Six weeks of online competition, leading to Grand Finals from May 24-26.


Participating Teams

  • Total Teams: 18 teams, with representation from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.
  • Qualification: Teams will qualify through direct invitations or local playoffs.

FFWS Global Finals

  • The FFWS 2024 journey will culminate with the FFWS Global Finals in November, maintaining the tradition of a grand international showdown.

Free Fire: The Game and Its Esports Ecosystem

  • Development: Free Fire is a mobile battle royale game developed by Garena.
  • Esports Events: Garena organizes esports events and licenses titles for global partners.
  • Challenges: Despite being a popular esports title, Free Fire has faced challenges, including a decline in viewership, layoffs at parent company Sea Ltd, and the ban of the game in India.

Positive Outlook Amidst Challenges

  • Viewer Growth: The FFWS saw a slight increase in viewership in its latest edition compared to the 2022 Bangkok event.
  • Revival in India: Garena announced Free Fire’s return to India with a new championship, signaling a positive turn for the game’s presence in the region.

Revamped Free Fire World Series (FFWS)

The changes in Free Fire World Series for 2024 are set to redefine the esports landscape for one of the world’s most popular mobile games. With the introduction of the SEA League and the unification of leagues under the FFWS brand, Garena is poised to enhance the competitive spirit and global outreach of Free Fire esports.