Free Fire OB43 Update: Comprehensive Overview of Upcoming Changes

Free Fire OB43 Update: Comprehensive Overview of Upcoming Changes

2. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The highly anticipated OB43 update for Free Fire is on the horizon, bringing with it a host of significant changes. These updates, based on insights from the Advance server, are set to revitalize the battle royale experience. Let’s dive into the key updates that Free Fire players can look forward to.

Major Updates from Free Fire OB43 Advance Server

Zoner Timer Update

  • Second Zone Timer: Reduced from 80 to 60 seconds after landing.
  • Shrink Duration: The second zone will take 240 seconds to shrink, increased from 230 seconds.
  • Third Zone Shrink Time: Decreased from 75 to 50 seconds, accelerating match progression.


Vending Machine Economy Changes

  • Upgrade Chip Costs: Increased from 400-500 coins in normal vending machines.
  • New Redeemable Items: Including character skill cards in both normal and falling machines.
  • Free Character Skill Card: Falling vending machines to offer a free Homer character skill card.

Character Rebalance

  • Community Feedback: Garena is consulting players on the balancing of characters like Sonia, Orion, Antonio, and Caroline.
  • Adjustments: Various character abilities will be tweaked for better gameplay balance.

Introduction of New Weapon

  • M4A1 Rifle: A new addition to the game, available in the Evoground Woodpecker mode.
  • Woodpecker Buffs: Enhanced damage and range statistics.

Other Notable Changes in OB43 Update

Buy Station System Overhaul

  • February Battle Pass Bundle: At level 100 purchase, male bundles will auto-upgrade without tokens.
  • Female Bundles: Future releases to include special effects similar to male bundles.

Expansion of Emote Wheel

  • Increased Slots: From 8 to 12, allowing players more options to express themselves during matches and in the lobby.

Preparing for the OB43 Update

These updates promise to make Free Fire more engaging and balanced. The OB43 patch is poised to offer a fresher and more dynamic gaming experience, keeping both veterans and new players thoroughly entertained.

A Deep Dive into the New Game-Changing Features

As we anticipate the release of the OB43 update, players should prepare for these changes to maximize their in-game strategies and enjoy the enhanced gameplay Free Fire is set to offer.