Fortnite to Introduce Highly-Requested Feature: Community Maps in Rocket Racing

Fortnite to Introduce Highly-Requested Feature: Community Maps in Rocket Racing

19. March 2024 by Never

A recent leak has revealed that Fortnite Rocket Racing will soon receive the highly-requested community map editor feature.

The Arrival of Rocket Racing

In December 2023, Epic Games astonished the world with the introduction of Rocket Racing, LEGO, and Festival to Fortnite. These three additional game modes function as almost independent titles and continue to evolve. Now, a leak suggests that Fortnite will announce a much-anticipated feature this week: the map editor for Rocket Racing.

With UEFN support coming soon, really hoping someone makes the thunderhead track from the speed racer movie
byu/bsky86 inRocketRacing

Creating Custom Tracks

Soon, Fortnite players will have the ability to create, edit, and upload their own tracks and circuits for Rocket Racing. All users with UEFN Creator status will be able to utilize the game’s tools to craft circuits. While there’s no specific release date, the unveiling of this feature is expected to occur this week.

Community Expectations

Since the launch of this mode and LEGO Fortnite, the community has eagerly awaited the ability to create custom maps. It remains to be seen if the Rocket Racing map editor will also include the option to create custom vehicles, though this may be left to the game’s store.

Share Your Ideas

Do you have any ideas in mind for community maps in Rocket Racing on Fortnite? Considering the creativity of users in the base game, where they’ve even created free FNAF games, prepare for what’s to come.