Everything You Need to Know About Project Nova in Fortnite

Everything You Need to Know About Project Nova in Fortnite

6. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Project Nova is a fan-made mod for Fortnite that allows players to relive the nostalgia of Chapter 1. It’s an unofficial modification that brings back the classic content from the game’s early days. Here’s a detailed guide on what Project Nova offers, who it’s for, and how to install it.

Who Should Install Project Nova?

  • Chapter 1 Enthusiasts: Players who miss the original Fortnite map, weapons, items, and Chapter 1 skins like Black Knight and Skull Trooper will find Project Nova especially appealing.
  • Fans of Multiplayer: Like the official Fortnite game, Project Nova supports online multiplayer gameplay.
  • Diverse Game Modes: Players can enjoy various modes including Battle Royale, Team Rumble, and Creative.

Important Considerations

  • Cost: Project Nova is free. Be cautious of any sites asking for payment.
  • Not Officially Endorsed: It’s important to note that Project Nova is not endorsed or supported by Epic Games. Using third-party mods can carry a risk of account banning.

How to Install Project Nova

  1. Join the Nova Discord Server:
  2. Create a Nova Account:
    • Use the #bot-commands /create command in the server to set up your account.
  3. Download Necessary Files:
    • In the #download channel, get the VC_redist.x64 and NovaLauncher files.
  4. Install Project Nova:
    • Extract NovaLauncher.zip into a new folder.
    • Run NovaLauncher.exe and use the “Easy Installer” feature.
    • Follow the installer prompts to set up the mod.
  5. Obtain an Exchange Code:
    • Every session requires a new code, obtained via the /exchange-code command in the Discord server.
  6. Launch Project Nova:
    • Enter the exchange code in NovaLauncher and launch the game.

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Enjoy the Game!

Project Nova is a unique way for Fortnite enthusiasts to revisit the game’s roots. However, it’s crucial to remember that using mods can come with certain risks. Always ensure that you are comfortable with these before proceeding with installation.