Fortnite’s OG Map Revives the Game’s Top Content Creator’s Success

Fortnite’s OG Map Revives the Game’s Top Content Creator’s Success

10. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In the dynamic realm of gaming, nostalgia has a unique power, particularly in a game as iconic as Fortnite. The reintroduction of the original map has resurrected the prominence of one of the game’s earliest stars on Twitch.

The Comeback of a Fortnite Legend


As Fortnite rolls out its nostalgic “OG Fortnite” update, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, one of the most prominent figures associated with the game’s early days, has made a triumphant return to streaming.

Ninja and Fortnite: An Epic Saga

Back in 2017, when Fortnite was just another game, Ninja was at the forefront, dominating the Battle Royale genre. His rise to stardom on Twitch in the subsequent year was meteoric, propelling him to appearances at the Super Bowl and lucrative endorsements. However, as the hype waned, so did Ninja’s viewership, which plummeted by almost 88% over three years.

Nostalgia Drives Viewership

The tide has turned with the comeback of Fortnite’s OG map. Ninja has ascended once again as the top Fortnite streamer worldwide, with an impressive 700,000 more hours watched than the runner-up, Clix. Ninja’s streams are drawing in 33,000 viewers on average, spiking to a record 124,000 at times.

The Fortnite Phenomenon: A Homecoming

Fortnite enthusiasts have always held a special place for the game’s origins. Epic Games’ strategic move to reintroduce the OG map has reinvigorated the player base. Veterans and newcomers alike are flocking back to the servers, eager for the thrill of a Victory Royale, solo or as a squad.

The Resurgence of Ninja

As Fortnite’s original battlegrounds make a celebrated return, the community welcomes the resurgence of a familiar face. Ninja’s revival is a testament to the lasting impact of gaming icons and the allure of nostalgia.