Fortnite OG Bundle Return: Clix Set to Bring Back Rare Items

Fortnite OG Bundle Return: Clix Set to Bring Back Rare Items

17. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

When Clix mentioned he has an OG Bundle coming out soon in Fortnite, he’s referring to a package or set of items that include rare and nostalgic items from earlier seasons of the game. Here’s a breakdown of what his statement likely means:

OG Bundle Content

  1. Rare Fortnite Items: Clix mentioned the bundle will contain “OG Sh*t” that hasn’t been available for a long time. This could include iconic weapons like the Pump Shotgun and Assault Rifle, which were prominent in earlier seasons of Fortnite but have since been vaulted or significantly altered.
  2. Nostalgic Appeal: These items are considered “OG” because they harken back to Fortnite’s earlier days, appealing to long-time players who have fond memories of using these weapons.
  3. Exclusive Cosmetic Items: Besides weapons, the bundle might also include exclusive skins, back blings, emotes, or other cosmetic items that were popular during Fortnite’s earlier seasons.

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Release Date and Format

  • Release Date: The OG Clix Bundle is scheduled to be re-released on June 24, according to Clix himself.
  • Game Mode Speculation: While it’s not confirmed, players speculate whether the OG items will introduce a new game mode or if they will be integrated directly into the Battle Royale mode. Given Fortnite’s history, it’s possible these items could be featured in a limited-time mode similar to Bugha’s Late Game mode, or they might simply become part of the regular loot pool for a period.



Clix’s announcement has sparked excitement among Fortnite players who are eager to revisit classic gameplay experiences with these OG items. The bundle not only promises to bring back nostalgic elements but also potentially introduce new gameplay dynamics depending on how the items are implemented.

As the release date approaches, Fortnite fans will likely receive more details on what exactly the OG Clix Bundle entails and how it will impact the game. Until then, anticipation remains high among the Fortnite community awaiting the return of these beloved items.