Fortnite Lantern Trials: Unveiling Rewards and Challenges

Fortnite Lantern Trials: Unveiling Rewards and Challenges

4. April 2024 by Never

The 2024 Lantern Trials Festival has kicked off in Fortnite, offering players a plethora of rewards for completing in-game tasks and registering on the lantern trials website. Here’s everything you need to know about this event and its enticing rewards to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the action.

Event Details

The Lantern Trials have commenced and will run until April 8, 2024. Players who register on the website will receive an initial badge and can earn up to 11 badges in total. Each badge is earned for surviving a storm circle in Battle Royale or No Build mode. This applies to both ranked and casual matches, including solo, duos, trios, or squads.

Rewards Breakdown

  • 1 Badge: Cool Bolt Spray
  • 6 Badges: Lunar Serenity Wrap
  • 11 Badges: Nocturnal Dagger Pickaxe

How to Participate

To join this edition of the Lantern Trials, players must register on the lantern trials website using their Epic Games account. They must then complete tasks (surviving storm circles) in Battle Royale, No Build mode, Battle Royale Ranked, or No Build Ranked. These tasks can be completed in solo, duos, trios, or squads.

Participation Guidelines

Players are advised to register on the official website as soon as possible to start accumulating badges while playing. These rewards will only be available until April 8, so early registration is key to maximizing benefits.


Act Now and Shine Bright: Register Early for Enhanced Rewards in the Lantern Trials Event

  1. Early Registration: Encourage players to register promptly to maximize badge accumulation.
  2. Diverse Gameplay: Highlight the versatility of gameplay modes and encourage participation across different formats.
  3. Limited-Time Offer: Emphasize the urgency of the event’s timeframe to drive player engagement.

Illuminate Your Fortnite Journey: Participate in the Lantern Trials Event Today

The Fortnite Lantern Trials offer an exciting opportunity for players to earn exclusive rewards by completing in-game challenges and registering on the event’s website. Don’t miss out on the chance to participate and claim your rewards before the event concludes on April 8.