Fortnite: How to Get the Korra Skin

Fortnite: How to Get the Korra Skin

3. April 2024 by Never

Fortnite welcomes a new elemental master with the arrival of Korra, the Waterbender from the popular series “The Legend of Korra.” To unlock her skin and matching accessories, players must follow a series of steps within the game.

1. Acquire the Myths and Mortals Battle Pass

Korra and her missions are available as part of the current season’s Battle Pass. Players must ensure they acquire the Battle Pass to access Korra’s missions and unlock her items.

2. Access Korra’s Missions

Once players have obtained the Battle Pass, they should navigate to the “Missions” tab within the game. There, they will find specific missions that must be completed to obtain Korra’s skin and items.

3. Complete Page 1 Missions

Missions are divided into two pages. To unlock Korra’s skin and the missions on page 2, players must complete four missions from page 1. These missions include tasks such as:

  • Exiting the water to unlock the Korra loading screen.
  • Collecting 4 mythical items to unlock the Avatar’s Descent trail.
  • Inflicting 2000 damage to opponents before the second storm circle to unlock the Determined Korra spray.
  • Climbing, passing obstacles, or sliding 50 times during the day to unlock the Water Tribe Colors wrap.
  • Impacting the same player with a mythical and non-mythical weapon to unlock the Waterbender’s Fans pickaxe.

4. Unlock Korra’s Skin and Page 1 Items

Upon completing four missions from page 1, players will unlock Korra’s skin and some special items related to the series, such as a loading screen, a themed spray, and other aesthetic elements.

5. Complete Page 2 Missions

Once page 2 missions are unlocked, players must complete four of these missions to unlock the additional style and other exclusive items related to the series. These missions include tasks such as:

  • Eliminating 3 opponents with less than 50 health to unlock the Balanced Korra loading screen.
  • Gathering or spending 1500 bars to unlock Korra’s Reaction emoticon.
  • Traveling a distance of 500 units on the train to unlock the Avatar Cycle retro backpack.
  • Hiring 20 characters or reviving 20 teammates to unlock Korra’s Glider.
  • Obtaining or collecting a Victory Crown to unlock the Avatar Pose gesture.

6. Obtain Korra’s Skin and Items

Upon completing all required missions, players will receive Korra’s skin, additional style, and all unlocked exclusive items during the event.

Embrace the Elements: Fortnite’s Legend of Korra Event Extended Until May 24, 2024

The Fortnite event featuring Korra will be available until May 24, 2024, providing players with ample time to complete the missions and unlock all related items. So, if you’re a fan of “The Legend of Korra” and Fortnite, don’t miss the opportunity to join the adventure on the Battle Royale island and obtain her special skin and items.