Fortnite: Guide to Getting Eren Jaeger’s Appearance

Fortnite: Guide to Getting Eren Jaeger’s Appearance

14. April 2023 by miranda angeles

In early March, it was rumored that in Fortnite would possibly appear Eren Jaeger, the protagonist of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). Although, according to the rumors, the chances of collaboration for the second season were quite high, they also assured that they would arrive for Chapter 4.

We have good news for all Eren Jaeger fans; all the rumors of a possible crossover with Fortnite have been officially confirmed. Epic Games formally revealed that both Eren, Captain Levi and Mikasa Ackerman would visit the well-known island in the game.

Even the news gets better, as with the arrival of Fortnite patch 24.20, the three-dimensional maneuvering equipment and lightning spears from the anime are now available in the game, meaning players can now play with Eren, Captain Levi, Mikasa, and other characters from the anime.

It is important to note that Captain Levi’s and Mikasa Ackerman’s appearances can only be used if purchased from the in-game store. At the same time, players who own the battle pass can unlock Eren Jaeger’s appearance.

Now, we bring a guide for you with all the steps to get Eren Jaeger’s appearance.

Guide to getting Eren Jaeger’s appearance

Players must first know they must have the battle pass to unlock Eren’s appearance. Users who do not have the battle pass cannot complete the tasks and get the appearance.

Eren Jaeger makes his debut in Fortnite and arrives with eight new cosmetics, including a wrap, a hiking item, and a gesture, among other things. You can annihilate your opponents in the best anime style with all the Eren Jaeger items.

Now, let’s discuss your objectives to get Eren Jaeger’s appearance. In total, players must complete eight missions.

Missions to get the appearance of Eren Jaeger in Fortnite

  1. Search three trunks in the Exploration Corps to unlock the graffiti “Eren’s Showdown.”
  2. Use the three-dimensional maneuvering equipment to bash the back of the heads of four different Titan targets. Completing this mission unlocks the “Titan Strike” collection tool.
  3. Hit seven opponents with the lightning spear or the three-dimensional maneuvering equipment. When completing this mission, the players unlock the emote “Eren’s Determination.”
  4. You must destroy fifty structures using the lightning spear. Completing this mission unlocks the “Exploration Team” wrapper.
  5. While in the air, you must inflict 300 damage on your opponents. Completing this mission unlocks the Attack on Titans banner icon.
  6. You must swing between three trees in a row implementing the three-dimensional maneuvering equipment. Completing this mission unlocks the loading screen “A world without walls.”
  7. You must visit five guard towers. Completing this mission unlocks the “Scout Corps Salute” gesture.
  8. Explore the basement of the Jaeger family in Plaza Pintorezca. Completing this mission unlocks the “Basement Key” backpack accessory.

All the quests, in general, are very simple; the one that can be a bit more complicated can be exploring the basement of the Jaeger family.