Fortnite – Chapter 5: Season 2 to Embrace Greek Mythology

Fortnite – Chapter 5: Season 2 to Embrace Greek Mythology

26. February 2024 by Never

Fortnite bids farewell to a collaboration-packed Season 1, featuring crossovers with Metal Gear, Family Guy, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to dive headfirst into the realm of Greek mythology for Season 2. If leaks hold true, the current mercenaries of the High Society will make way for characters inspired by gods and heroes.

Greek Mythology Theme

Leaked information suggests that the upcoming chapter of the sandbox phenomenon will immerse players in a map and theme inspired by the myths and legends of Ancient Greece. Season 2 is rumored to kick off with an introductory event, complete with missions and themed skins that were previously featured in content creator surveys.

Teasers and References

The first hints pointing towards Fortnite’s venture into Greek mythology came from references to two characters. Odisea, who arrived as an NPC in Classic Reels, hints at “an ancient power growing on the island” when interacted with. Another nod is to Cerberus, with files revealing a retro backpack and loading screen referencing the mythical three-headed dog.

Titan’s Hand and Catastrophic Event

A significant revelation is the supposed introduction ceremony for the season. A colossal hand, known as the “Titan’s Hand,” is discovered, serving as the focal point for an event where players face a catastrophic climate featuring lava, storms, tornadoes, and vortexes. This hand cradles what appears to be Pandora’s Box, and players must unite to destroy it, earning themselves rewarding outcomes.

Cerberus Cosmetics and Missions

Adding to the excitement are upcoming missions in Fortnite, setting the stage for the Greek mythology theme. Prior to its expected arrival on March 8th, two Cerberus-themed cosmetics will be offered— the Lupine Emblem retro backpack and the Odyssey Origin loading screen, both part of the Odyssey set.

Fortnite enthusiasts eagerly await the unveiling of Season 2, anticipating a mythological adventure with gods, heroes, and epic battles.