Former Riot Games CEO Faces Sexual Harassment Allegations

Former Riot Games CEO Faces Sexual Harassment Allegations

8. May 2024 by Never

A lawsuit filed in 2021 against former Riot Games chief executive Nicolo Laurent has been dismissed, with the case’s arbitrator ruling that claims of sexual harassment and gender discrimination were “unfounded.”

Company Response

An update on the lawsuit was provided by Riot on May 7, expressing gratitude that the facts have prevailed. The company reiterated its zero-tolerance policy for harassment and discrimination, affirming that such behaviors have no place within the company or its workforce.

Riot also emphasized its commitment to defending against malicious accusations directed at the company or its employees.

Laurent’s Response

Shortly after the announcement, Laurent shared a brief message on social media, expressing relief that the ordeal was over and stating that he would now evaluate his next steps. Riot acknowledged the impact of the lawsuit on Laurent and his family, pledging to support him in any potential legal actions he may pursue.

Investigation Findings

The lawsuit’s resolution aligns with Riot’s previous third-party investigation, which found no evidence to support claims that Laurent had engaged in harassment, discrimination, or retaliation against the plaintiff, former executive assistant Sharon O’Donnell.

O’Donnell had alleged wrongful termination in 2020 and claimed that Laurent had made sexual advances and comments during her tenure at the company.


Board of Directors’ Support

Riot’s board of directors had formed a special committee in early 2021, ultimately clearing Laurent of wrongdoing based on the investigation’s findings. Despite this, the lawsuit proceeded to arbitration, resulting in its dismissal three years after being filed.

Laurent’s Departure

Although Laurent remained CEO for some time after the lawsuit was made public, he opted to step down in May 2023 to focus on family matters following the resolution of the legal dispute.