The Top 10 Forgotten Champions of Worlds 2023

The Top 10 Forgotten Champions of Worlds 2023

31. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The ebb and flow of the League of Legends meta is in constant evolution. But, as with all things, there are certain constants, champions that traditionally remained steadfast through multiple tournaments. However, the Worlds 2023 has showcased a surprising turn of events. Let’s dive into the most notable absences of this year.

1. Gragas: The Once King of Jungle

Gragas 11

Arguably the most surprising omission. The lone appearance of Gragas in the Swiss phase of Worlds 2023 was by Zeus, which was executed brilliantly. Yet, even with that stellar performance, this once dominant jungler has been largely overlooked.

2. Udyr: From Hero to Zero

Udyr 3

Udyr, previously a standout in many past tournaments, now not only lacks presence but is considered one of the least effective junglers at the highest competitive level.

3. Hecarim: The Fading Specter

Hecarim 2

The formidable jungle champion that once sent shivers down opponents’ spines in past Worlds. Unfortunately, changes to the champion’s dynamics have rendered him less effective, overshadowed by the likes of Jarvan, Sejuani, and Vi.

4. Kled: The Overlooked Counter

Kled 2

Interestingly, Kled, known to be a counter to champions like Gnar or Rumble in top or mid, has been ignored this tournament. A curious choice, given the potential matchups.

5. The Brothers: Yone & Yasuo

Yone Yasuo 1563153688 955519 1024x576

Both siblings have had a meager presence, especially surprising for Yasuo, who traditionally shines in skilled hands. Furthermore, ideal partners for Yasuo have also been scarce.

6. Gwen: The Faded Seamstress

Gwen 0

Once synonymous with damage, resilience, and lane dominance, Gwen in Worlds 2023 has become emblematic of vanishing and limited viability.

7. Sion: The Silent Titan

Sion 4

Sion, a top laner recognized for his resilience and lethal post-death passive, hasn’t made an appearance. Current meta shifts have sidelined this colossus.

8. Corki: From Star to Obscurity

Corki 26

Despite being one of the game’s initial champions and having historical mid or ADC dominance, Corki now faces one of the most challenging phases of his existence.

9. Twisted Fate: Lost in the Cards

TwistedFate 25

A star champion in the LoL universe, TF’s limited burst and increased map visibility have hindered his appearance, despite having exclusive World skins.

10. Gangplank: The Top Lane Phantom

Gangplank 23

Gangplank, traditionally a top-tier top laner, hasn’t been picked once, overshadowed by champions like Renekton or K’Sante.

The Meta is Constantly Changing

The meta shifts, and champions rise and fall in prominence. It’s fascinating to witness once-dominant champions sidelined, a testament to the ever-evolving nature of League of Legends esports. Who knows, perhaps the next tournament will see a resurgence of these legends. Only time will tell.