For the first time, LoL team Astralis concludes a regular season with a winning record

For the first time, LoL team Astralis concludes a regular season with a winning record

29. March 2023 by miranda angeles

The Astralis LoL team, for the first time in its career, concludes a regular season with a winning record. In this year’s spring season of the LEC, the Danish organization has achieved its best record so far.

It has not been as enjoyable to add Astralis to LoL as it was with the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) team. However, the Danish organization is now enjoying the rewards of its work after several years.

They had never advanced past a regular stage of the LEC before the Astralis LoL team came into being. Nevertheless, this year was different, and they could complete a regular phase because they had more victories than defeats. Unfortunately, the team had not been able to overcome this obstacle in the previous winter season, which until now had been their best Split in the top regional competition.

Astralis revelation team in the LEC 2023

The LEC 2023 has Astralis as one of its revelation teams. The Danish squad, presently in second place in the first stage of the Spring Season with a record of six victories and three defeats, has overcome its own personal “limit.”

The team has never finished higher than seventh place in a regular season, making this year’s Astralis’ best performance to date.

The Danish squad has broken all boundaries with the new format of Europe’s premier championship.

Astralis results in past competitions


  • Spring Split: Ninth (6-12)
  • Summer Split: Seventh-eighth (7-11)


  • Spring Split: Tenth (3-15)
  • Summer Split: Ninth (7-11)

Are there other teams that should overcome the hurdle Astralis has crossed?

Although it may seem unlikely, we must say that European teams still have not managed to overcome the hurdle that Astralis overcame during this year’s Spring Split.

The first team is Team Heretics, whose circumstance makes sense, given that they are making their debut in the LEC this year. Excel Esports, however, is a truly troubling case. The British team has yet to go through a phase in which they have had more victories than losses since their 2019 debut. As a result, excel Esports has not been able to adapt as well as the Danish organization, even under the new European tournament structure.

The British organization had only made the playoffs once in 2022 when the team hired Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle. Despite Excel Esports finishing fifth and sixth, respectively, they did not have a winning season.

They’ve never finished the regular season with a record greater than 9 victories and 9 defeats. However, the LCS also mimics this situation. Golden Guardians is dealing with similar issues to Excel, such as difficulties getting to the playoffs.