Fnatic’s Triumph: A Legendary Comeback in VCT EMEA

Fnatic’s Triumph: A Legendary Comeback in VCT EMEA

13. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Fnatic has emerged as the champions of the VCT EMEA after an exhilarating journey marked by a stunning comeback against Team Heretics. The conclusion of Masters Madrid paved the way for the start of the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) in the EMEA region, with the first phase commencing on April 3.

This phase serves as a battleground to determine which teams from Europe will secure spots at the Masters in Shanghai, China. Each victory holds significant weight, not only for qualification to the next international tournament but also for accumulating points in the VALORANT Champions standings.

Epic Showdown: Fnatic vs. Team Heretics

Team Heretics underwent a remarkable transformation during the playoffs, showcasing an impressive performance that led them to the finals. Despite a lackluster performance in the group stage, the Heretics shifted gears and defeated Natus Vincere, FUT Esports, and Fnatic en route to the championship match.

None of their opponents managed to claim a single map against the Spanish powerhouse, establishing them as favorites heading into the final phase of VCT EMEA.

The showdown in the VCT EMEA final was characterized by Team Heretics’ strategic prowess, led by Enes “RieNs” Ecirli, who played a crucial role with Sova, dictating the pace of the game. Despite a few hiccups, Heretics secured victories on Sunset (13-7) and Bind (15-13), setting the stage for what seemed like an inevitable championship win without dropping a map.

Fnatic’s Resilience and Triumph

However, Fnatic showcased resilience and determination, spearheaded by Leo Jannesson’s standout performance despite health challenges. The Swedish player played a pivotal role in initiating Fnatic’s comeback, notably securing six consecutive rounds during an attacking spree.

Fnatic’s dominance was most evident on Split, where they secured a convincing 13-5 victory, ultimately forcing a fifth map to clinch the championship title.

Team Heretics, initially poised for an undefeated playoff run and championship glory, found themselves grappling with anxiety as Fnatic mounted an impressive comeback. Fnatic’s victory not only secured them the VCT EMEA championship but also marked their second consecutive win against Team Heretics in the finals.

FNC vs TL Stage 1 Playoffs

Playoff Highlights

The VCT EMEA playoffs featured a single-elimination round followed by a double bracket, offering teams a second chance in the lower bracket.

Playoff Schedule and Results:

  • May 8: Fnatic 2-1 Team Liquid
  • May 8: Natus Vincere 0-2 Team Heretics
  • May 9: Karmine Corp 0-2 Fnatic
  • May 9: FUT Esports 0-2 Team Heretics
  • May 10: Fnatic 0-2 Team Heretics
  • May 10: Karmine Corp 0-2 FUT Esports
  • May 11: Fnatic 3-1 FUT Esports
  • May 12: Team Heretics 2-3 Fnatic


Fnatic’s remarkable triumph in the VCT EMEA final against Team Heretics will be remembered as one of the greatest comebacks in VALORANT esports history.

Overcoming significant challenges and displaying unwavering determination, Fnatic demonstrated the true spirit of competitive gaming. This victory not only secured their title but also sets the stage for thrilling competitions ahead. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the world of esports and VALORANT!

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