Fnatic Expands: New Rosters Announced for Street Fighter 6 and Overwatch 2

Fnatic Expands: New Rosters Announced for Street Fighter 6 and Overwatch 2

8. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Fnatic, the esteemed esports organization, has made exciting announcements regarding their expansion into Overwatch 2 and Street Fighter 6 esports scenes, marking a significant return and entry into these competitive arenas.

Overwatch 2: FNATIC’s Grand Return

Fnatic’s re-entry into Overwatch esports after an absence of nearly eight years has ignited anticipation within the gaming community. The London-based organization will participate in the Overwatch Champions Series (OWCS) with a forthcoming roster that promises to make waves.

The decision to reenter Overwatch esports aligns with Fnatic’s strategic expansion efforts, potentially aiming to secure a position in the upcoming OWCS Dreamhack Dallas Major. Fans eagerly await the official roster reveal, with speculations rife about potential signings and team compositions.

A Nostalgic Comeback: FNATIC in Overwatch

The last time Fnatic competed in Overwatch dates back to 2017 during Overwatch APEX Season 2. While facing formidable opponents like Runaway and KongDoo Panthera, Fnatic showcased their prowess but ultimately fell short in group play.

Now, Fnatic returns with renewed vigor, aiming to carve a new legacy in Overwatch 2 esports.

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Street Fighter 6: Welcoming Chris Wong

Fnatic’s venture into Street Fighter 6 marks an exciting resurgence in the professional fighting game scene, with the acquisition of Chris Wong. This move signifies Fnatic’s global ambitions and commitment to diversifying its esports portfolio.

Chris Wong, a renowned Street Fighter 5 player with accolades in Capcom Pro Tour 2023, brings his expertise to Fnatic’s roster. His proficiency with characters like Nash, Ibuki, and Juri establishes him as a formidable contender in Street Fighter 6.

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DreamHack Dallas 2024: A New Chapter

Fans eagerly anticipate Chris Wong’s debut under the Fnatic banner at DreamHack Dallas 2024, scheduled from May 31 to June 2. This event marks a pivotal moment for Fnatic as they venture into the competitive Street Fighter 6 circuit.

Stay tuned for updates as Fnatic embarks on these exciting esports endeavors, aiming to leave an indelible mark on Overwatch 2 and Street Fighter 6 competitions.


Fnatic’s expansion into Overwatch 2 and Street Fighter 6 epitomizes their commitment to innovation and excellence in esports. With promising rosters and strategic acquisitions, Fnatic is poised to make significant strides in these competitive arenas.

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Stay tuned for thrilling performances and achievements from Fnatic’s talented players in Overwatch 2 and Street Fighter 6.