Fnatic announced that Oscarinin must undergo surgery

Fnatic announced that Oscarinin must undergo surgery

29. August 2023 by miranda angeles

There are never two positive updates in a row, or at least that seems true for Fnatic. The esports organization recently announced that it would be unable to count on Oscar “Oscarinin” Muñoz for the LEC Season Finals due to a surgical intervention.

Fnatic announces that Oscarinin must undergo surgery

Yesterday, August 28, Fnatic released a statement announcing Oscarinin’s absence for the remainder of the LEC Season Finals. Next week, the Spanish toplaner will undergo surgery on his right hand. Therefore, the orange team cannot count on his services.

On the other hand, it has been reported that Martin “Wunder” Hansen will take Oscarinin’s place in the Fnatic squad for the LEC Season Finals clash against Team BDS.

Fnatic, after earning a spot in the European TOP 4 and traveling to Korea, the team suffers a major casualty. Oscarinin will be operated shortly, so he cannot see the next Fnatic matches for the LEC Season Finals. Remember that the young Spanish player was a key player and had a decisive participation in the Korean qualifier against EXCEL. Oscarinin signed a Pentakill and engaged in combat with Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu, a seasoned pro and authority in his field. Fnatic simultaneously informed all their fans that Wunder will replace Oscarinin.

Fnatic seeks a place at LoL Worlds

Although Fnatic has already achieved many goals, it still has one crucial game on its schedule. In Round 2 of the LoL Season Finals on September 3, Fnatic will face Team BDS. Both teams must win this match to qualify directly for the 2023 World Championship.

Meanwhile, Oscarinin will not participate in this match, so Fnatic will have to fight alone, which could make things much simpler for them. Should they lose, Fnatic would still have to face Golden Guardians, a North American team, in a playoff but would still be able to compete in the World Championships. Fnatic would also qualify for the Play-In if they defeat the LCS team, further complicating their path to Worlds.

On the other hand, Wunder will again be part of Fnatic’s starting lineup in the showdown against Team BDS. After being relegated to the sidelines in the spring when Oscarinin joined the team, the reputed Danish toplaner rejoins the Fnatic squad.

According to information revealed by Fnatic, the Spanish toplaner hopes to recover in time for the trip to Korea and the possibility of competing at Worlds. We must follow Oscarinin’s evolution as time passes because we know that injuries have no known expiration date.