First TFT Global LAN Tournament Announced

First TFT Global LAN Tournament Announced

31. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, Riot Games reported that Teamfight Tactics “TFT” competitions are rising, and the first TFT Global LAN Tournament has been announced.

First TFT Global LAN Tournament

Riot Games announces its commitment to developing the Teamfight Tactics competitive scene. The developer looking to improve TFT esports has announced the arrival of Set 9 following the end of Monsters Attack.

Now all players, from experienced to newcomers, can experience TFT’s first global LAN competition. No doubt, all fans of this game will be happy for this tournament.

The first TFT Global LAN Tournament will be held from December 8-10, 2023, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Riot Games’ commitment to esports

More than a month ago, Riot Games’ president of esports, John Needham, published an article expressing Riot Games’ commitment to esports development.

John Needham, the article’s author, cited TFT as a component of their upcoming esports ecosystem. Needham states that this game is a key part of Riot Games’ evolving ecosystem observation platform.

On the other hand, Needham comments that the company is building experiences for TFT players to socialize outside of the game; every player can express themselves and interact with others.

Recall that, to date, TFT’s international competitive matches have always been played online. However, now Riot Games wants to take this esport to another level and allow fans to interact in person with the players.


Comments on the first TFT Global LAN tournamenttft carousel items

Teamfight Tactics’ global head of esports Michael Sherman has commented on the process behind the expansion of TFT esports. He also discusses the start of the first LAN tournament.

Sherman says this is the first LAN tournament of many to come for all game fans. He adds that this is a very promising future for the TFT competitive scene.

On the other hand, Sherman states that they want TFT esports to reflect accessibility and variety in future talents. So, to achieve that goal, they have decided to open TFT esports events to all players who wish to compete.

Details of TFT’s first Global LAN tournament

Here are some details that are known so far, as well as the date and location of the tournament.

  • 512 competitors in the open category can receive or get contestant passes.
  • The tournament will include Set 10, released in December this year.
  • During Set 9, all details about the competitor passes will be announced.
  • On the other hand, the competitors will be ranked according to the position of Set 9.
  • In the tournament, there will be competitors from all over the world.